Top 10 Teardown: USB-PD charger to Smart Bulb

Here is a list of teardown I have done in the past. I will keep adding more as I do more teardowns.

Teardown helps you understand how a product was designed, which MCU was used, which Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules, what decision designers took for power supply section, displays, etc. and how it was over all constructed.

Top 10 Teardown: USB-PD charger to Smart Bulb 1

If you are an engineer who is interested in embedded product development, you must watch teardown videos, see teardown images and learn from it. It will help you a lot.

List of Teardowns

  1. AmiciSmart WiFi Single Phase Energy Meter
  2. Havells/Cabtree Wi-Fi Smart Plug 16A
  3. Wipro Wi-Fi Smart Plug 16A
  4. PayTM SoundBox
  5. SONOFF Smart Switch Basic (10A Single Node)
  6. SONOFF Smart Switch Mini2 (16A Node)
  7. Jenix WiFi Smart Switch / FAN Speed Controller
  8. Tinxy Smart Switch (Two Nodes)
  9. NanoRanger Precision Current Measurement Tool
  10. Selec 3-Phase Multifunction Meter
  11. BPL Medtech Pulse Oximeter
  12. Wipro 9W Smart Bulb
  13. Halonix 12W Smart Bulb
  14. 18W USB PD Charger
  15. Sound Activated RGB LED Light Bar
  16. BK881 Soldering Rework Station
  17. Waveshare USB to RS485 RS232 TTL Converter

Let me know which one you liked the most 🙂

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