Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A

Did a teardown of a 16A Smart Plug from Wipro. It is a WiFi Controlled switch with energy monitoring.

it was quite interesting to see a power switch with energy metering inbuilt and how they packaged everything in such a small space.

Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 1

It wasn’t so easy to open, you need to use screw driver to open it by pressing the ON/OFF button on the sides.

  • Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 2
  • Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 3
  • Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 4
  • Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 5

The architecture is almost similar to what you might have seen in any other Smart Switch. An AC to DC converter for powering the circuit, relay as a Switch, WiFi module or Wireless SoC and Energy Metering chip in case of this Smart Plug.

  • Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 6
  • Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 7
  • Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 8
  • Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 9
Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 10

In this design, at the input first MOV is sed for high voltage protection, then a basic pie type line filter and then AC to DC Conversion is done using OB222MCP

Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 11
Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 12
Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 13

In a few designs where power consumption is very low a capacitor drop based method could be used for AC to DC conversion but here as a relay is required to be powered along with Wi-Fi and other circuitry, a AC to DC is converter using a power conversion IC.

After AC input is converted to 5V DC it is again converted to 3.3V using linear regulator onboard, A1117B 3.3.

Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 14

Main MCU for the design is CB2S module from Tuya.

Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 15

Relay used is from Yuanzi Electric YTA-SS-105DM 250V AC 16A

Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 16

For Energy measurement, they have used single chip energy metering IC from BL0937

Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 17

Circuit will be something like this:

Teardown: Wipro Smart Plug 16A 18

Looking at the power traces, I am not confident that it will work with 16A load continuously. We will definitely have heating issue and switching section of the Smart plug may get damaged.

I am also not sure, how much accuracy is possible using BL0937B energy metering chip as it is giving data in the form of pulses. MCU need to count these pulses to derive the energy getting used.

I hope you found this teardown useful and learned something new today!

If you have any questions please ask in the comments section below, I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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  1. I am using this 16a smtplg as a timer for streetlight. The light as well as the Smtplg is restarting automatically , then it is not getting detected in app/ Wi-Fi , and the light remains on until we switch off/on the power, then it runs smoothly for some day, but after someday again the same issue is occurring.

  2. Nice teardown. Do you know how I can “detect” when main power gets on? Right now in my Wipro/Tuyo app I see automation choices to turn off switch after delay, which is great but whenever I turn off the main power to circuit and then turn on again, it starts in the last state i.e. turned off or turned on. I want it to ALWAYS start in turn ON.

    My goal: Want a geyser to turn off automatically whenever I turn on the main switch (this smart plug is inside my false ceiling at the geyser socket) with main power below near the door. Basically I want it to always turn on when main turns on so next time I want to turn on geyser, I just turn it off and on again (and it will turn off after the delay due to automation).

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