How to find PCB components 3D model?

Do you know where you can find the 3D model of electronic components, boards, sub assemblies, etc.?

How to find PCB components 3D model? 1
PCB 3D Model

I recommend you to follow the given flow to find 3d models:

  • First search on the Part Manufacturers or your PCB Design Software if they offer 3D models
  • Next option is to search on component distributor’s website (RS Components, Digikey, Mouser, Element14, etc.)
  • Then go for search on other portals. I have created a list below for an easy reference.
  1. 3DContentCentral
  2. Solidworks
  3. GrabCAD
  4. TraceParts
  5. DesignSpark 3d Zone
  6. 3DWarehouse
  7. Distributors: Digikey | Mouser
  8. Component Search Engine
  9. PCB-3D
  10. Turbosquid
  11. SketchFab

If you know any other useful sites, let me know, I will add them here.