How can I help you build a successful embedded product?

Need help in finding a job?
If you need help in job search (electronics related), please note, I am not a company. I would advise you to search job on sites like, Indeed, Linkedin, etc. Reach out to your potential company’s employees on Linkedin or Facebook groups and check if they can help. But, before that prepare yourself, gain some basic knowledge (Embedded/ PCB Designing).
Want to learn Embedded System Design or PCB Designing?
I have created some resources to help engineers and hardware startups in the embedded space. Articles on embedded system design are available here and if you want to learn PCB designing, check the resource available here.
Need help with product specification review?
You are building a new product and not sure if you have covered everything or not in the spec. I am happy to review your product specification, reach out to me using the form given below.
Need help with product design review?
If you need help in your product design review, reach out to me using the form given below.