Teardown: SONOFF Smart Switch(Mini2)

Bought this Sonoff Mini2 Smart switch recently. It has one 16A node and external switch can be connected to manual ON/OFF Operation.

The architecture is quite similar to what you will see in any other smart switch.

Teardown: SONOFF Smart Switch(Mini2) 1

AC to DC power supply which converts Main AC 230V to 5V DC and then 5V to 3.3V is converted using a linear regulator.

A Wi-Fi module or Wireless SoC which will act as a main MCU and connectivity interface. On the Top side(bottom – right) antenna is used for Wi-Fi, instead of usual PCB antenna.

External switch is connected on IO pin, one pullup and debouncing caps we can see(R8, C23). Mosfet is used for driving the 5V DC Relay.

You can see some test points by name GND, 3V, T, R. T, R I am assuming as RX and TX of the UART.

Here are the high resolution pics of the inside of Sonoff Smart Switch.

  • Teardown: SONOFF Smart Switch(Mini2) 2
  • Teardown: SONOFF Smart Switch(Mini2) 3
  • Teardown: SONOFF Smart Switch(Mini2) 4
  • Teardown: SONOFF Smart Switch(Mini2) 5

Various ICs used are:

Did you expect something else inside a this Sonoff Smart switch?

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  1. Good morning can you please assist I installed sonoff switches and where they needed extra wire for neutral I just wanna know which app do I use to switch the customer lights on and off

  2. Hi Pallav, I need help to understand which gpios are free on the mini2 and mini4. I also wanted to know if you can help with a ez home fanregulator

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