List of PCB Manufacturers

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is very central to any electronic circuit design. There are many companies who are into PCB Designing, PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly services. These services are required by almost all the companies who are into electronics product manufacturing. Many companies does these in-house but many use external companies to help them in the design, manufacture and assembly.

PCB Manufacturers
Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

List of PCB manufacturers in India

PCB Manufacturers distribution based on state is Gujarat(18), Karnataka(18), Maharashtra(11), Tamil Nadu(7), Haryana(6), Delhi(5), Uttar Pradesh(4), Telangana(3), Himachal Pradesh(2), West Bengal( 1)

Selecting PCB Manufacturer

It is important to review the quality before taking a decision on using PCB from any manufacturer in products. Buy few samples, check the quality based on your internal quality parameters. If a manufacturer is exporting, their quality would be good.

Check the whole process what all you will need to do after sharing the Gerber files. Some companies are so poor in communication, it is not worth working with them.

Hope you have found this list of PCB manufacturers useful. Check also the list of PCB Manufactures in China and USA.

If you know of any more PCB Manufacturers which are not listed here, do let me know.

Any feedback or suggestion, please share it in the comments section below or send me an email.

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  1. AS&R Circuits in Gujarat also do Flex PCB. They are currently closed due to COVID

  2. Will you please add Asha electronics, Pune, Maharashtra in your pcb manufacturing list that manufacturers in India.

  3. This is good & Information Based Article but i also feel that few leading Companies are Missing who are catering PCB Fabrication services from long time and good quality & Quantity.

  4. Thank you, Rawas for sharing your opinion. Please try PCBway, JLCPCB, Escrow.
    Sorry, no one in India was professional when I tried :(, they waste lot of your time in discussing, emails, reviewing Gerber, etc….Time commitment and cost both are not there.

  5. Yes! As you said PCBPOWER has been the most reliable for me so far, even though I Haven’t tried most of what you have listed out here. But so far, experiences with other manufacturers that iv tried have been bad.

    Thank you for this list Pallav, I would like to know your suggestion for assembly service providers in India, which are economical and reliable. PCBPOWER has been too costly for my needs so far and the service providers iv used have been so unreliable.

  6. I have found PCBPower the most reliable, have good quality and they have an online process which reduces the hassles but still I see they mess up couple of time, specially when they get heavy load.

  7. This list is informative but not all the manufacturers mentioned on it would be reliable.I have personally worked with the Studio Silkraft based in Bahadurgarh,Haryana. Excellent service and quality, and the management is always at hand to guide and assist you with any kind of problems you may have. Their prices are extremely competitive as well for the quality that I get.

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