Embedded Hardware Reviews

This is what I love the most, the embedded hardware reviews. I take the hardware, try it and share my thoughts about them in an article. I also want to start making videos soon.

This section contains all the embedded hardware reviews I have done so far. It gives a different perspective of what you might be aware of those hardware. I hope you will enjoy the details I have shared in these articles.

Embedded Hardware Reviews

Hardware Reviews

  1. Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer (Why Raspberry Pi isn’t a good choice for commercial products)
  2. Raspberry Pi Compute Module (Advantages and Limitations)
  3. BalenaFin Raspberry Pi Compute Module Carrier Board
  4. Onion Omega2S Linux Computer Module (Limitations you must know)
  5. Onion Omega2 Dash Development Board.
  6. StereoPi Raspberry Pi Camera (Raspberry Pi Compute Module Carrier Board)
  7. Teensy 4.0 Board (Using NXP IMX RT1062 MCU running at 600 Mhz)
  8. Crowd Supply for Hardware Projects Crowdfunding
  9. Teensy 4.1 Board (Using NXP IMX RT1062 MCU running at 600 Mhz)

Send me your hardware for a review

If you have an embedded hardware which you would like me to review, please send it to me with the details and I would love to do a detailed review and share it with you.

I feel this is a great way of learning and knowledge sharing.

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