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Tigard: An open source tool for hardware hacking

TIGARD is an open source tool to help engineers and hobbyists hack the hardware. It combines support for all of the most commonly used and needed interfaces on to a single board. As a drop-in replacement for dozens of other hardware tools based on FTDI chips, it has native support from a number of commonly

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ST Micro released New low-cost Wirelesss MCU

ST Micro has started getting into Wireless MCU back in 2018 and around a year back they launched MCUs with LoRa connectivity inbuilt. Now, they have expanded the STM32WB portfolio of dual-core multi-protocol microcontrollers (MCUs) by introducing the STM32WB35 and STM32WB30 Value Line, giving engineers more options to work on cost constraint real world applications. The STM32WB MCUs

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SEROBIT Launched DC-DC Modules

Serobit Digtronix, a Bangalore based startup has started manufacturing dc-dc modules which can be used in the embedded products. These are designed and manufactured in India. Hardware design engineers spends a lot of time in building high frequency, high efficiency dc-dc power supply circuits. If you have ever worked on high frequency dc-dc power supply

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ST Micro next-generation time-of-flight multizone sensor (VL53L5)

Overview ST Micro has launched a new time-of-flight sensor, VL53L5. It has an extended range of up to 4 meters with high accuracy, although accuracy numbers are not mentioned in the datasheet. It can sample at a 60Hz rate, which is really quick. ST Microelectronics already has a range of proximity sensors based on time-of-flight

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BLYST840: Tiny ARM module with Bluetooth 5.2, 46 I/O

Nguyen Hoan Hoang from I-SYST inc, Canada has developed a miniature wireless MCU module based on nRF52840 which can sit on your fingertip. He specializes in Wireless connectivity, Smart Sensor & IoT Solutions. Prior to this module, he has already designed another module called BLYST Nano. I am sure many of your have already read

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megaAI Board with Intel Myriad X

If you ever wanted to have computer vision, artificial intelligence in your product without the huge learning and development effort, here is a chance with megaAI Board. Brandon Gilles from Luxonis has launched megaAI board which is a complete Computer Vision solution in a tiny, low power board. It comes packed with 4K Resolution, 60FPS

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