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ESP32-C5: Espressif’s first Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 MCU

Espressif Systems recently launched it’s new Wireless SoC ESP32-C5, an MCU with 2.4Ghz and 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi 6, along with Bluetooth 5 (LE). The ESP32-C5 is second member of Espressif’s Wi-Fi 6 SoCs Series, the first one was the ESP32-C6 SoC, which was announced in 2021. ESP32-C5 has a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) radio,

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Ai-Thinker 2.4G module, based on Ci24R1

Ci24R1 Module features: The transmit power can be controlled by the software as per requirement, the maximum is +10dBm Data rate: 2Mbps/1Mbps/250kbps RF Modulation: GFSK/FSK Ultra-low shutdown power consumption: 2μA Fast startup time: <160μS Few external components, reduces the overall system cost Internally integrated high PSRR LDO It supports two-wire SPI interface, up to 10Mhz

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Top 7 Challenges in Designing a Wearable Device

Wearable device technology is picking up at a very high pace. See how many products/ICs are getting launched every year. Low Power MCUs, highly integrated PMICs, ultra low power load switches, Power convertor, there is race of launching best products for wearables and battery powered devices. Let us try to start with the basics. What is

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My experiment with 76V / 100V Input DC DC Converter

I work on various custom embedded product development for companies and I come across requirements where different dc input voltage range is required. Sometimes, it is low voltage like 5V but very low IQ but some times it is wide range like 10V to 85V DC Input. Recently, I did a custom Fork Lift Vehicle

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TPS40057-based DC DC Converter Module

Recently, I was working on a few consultancy projects where upto 36V dc voltage input was required and that’s when I started looking around for some readily available modules and bought a few of them for the experiment. I did not use this or any other dc dc module in the design but noted a

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Ultra Low Power Embedded Systems Design

This page lists all the articles I have ever written on Low Power Embedded Systems Design. These will help you optimize your device power consumption. I do consultancy on Low power where I review customer hardware and firmware to suggest what all improvements could be done to improve the battery back up time. But, these

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