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I2CMini: Low Cost USB to I2C Board for Quick Testing

I2CMini is a tiny USB to I2C Board designed and manufactured by Excamera Labs. It is a very useful tool for all embedded developers who are building products that has I2C devices and spend quite a lot of time evaluating them. Evaluation phase is an important part for engineering design, tools which makes evaluation faster

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Piunora: Tiny Raspberry Pi CM4 Carrier Board

Piunora is an open source Raspberry Pi CM4 carrier board. It is designed and manufactured by Diodes Delight, Germany. Piunora is a compact, easy-to-use CM4 carrier board for electronics prototyping with embedded Linux. It has a familiar form factor, legible pin labels (Top side of the board). A compact design helps use in the application

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Jupiter Nano Tiny Embedded Board Runs Linux, NuttX

Jupiter Nano is an open source, tiny, high performance embedded hardware that runs NuttX RTOS or embedded Linux. It has a tiny 48-pin (two side edge connector) form factor (1.125″ x 2.5″, similar in size to the Teensy 4.1) and is 10x more powerful than the Arduino Due. The board is from Starcat LCC, a Seattle,

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Eta Compute ECM3532 AI Vision Board

Eta Compute is a California-based technology company involved in providing AI edge vision, sensing solutions. They create energy-efficient AI endpoint solutions that enable sensing devices to make autonomous decisions in energy-constrained environments. The company has released Low Power AI Vision Board for easy evaluation of their technology which is based on Low Power ARM-Cortex-M3 MCU

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Watchy: An Open Source E-Paper Display Watch

Watchy is an ESP32 based smartwatch that uses e-paper display, fully open-source, both hardware as well as software. Watchy is designed and manufactured by Squarofumi (SQFMI) the same company that also built the Badgy (Badgy is a rechargeable IoT badge with an e-ink display and WiFi connectivity). It has a minimalistic design using the PCB as

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List of Popular E-paper Display Suppliers (Manufacturers)

Overview E-paper display, also known as electronic ink or e-ink displays are the displays which mimic the ink on the paper-like surface. There are a lot of advantages of e-paper display technology and has a few limitations as well, as still, we don’t see them used everywhere. Before we talk about advantages and disadvantages, let

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