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Top 30 WiFi Module Manufacturers in the Market

Are you building an IoT products with WiFI? Which WiFi module or SoC you have selected, does it have both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi bands? do you also need Bluetooth connectivity? Here is a list of more than 30 WiFi Module manufacturers whcih you can consider for your product. I recommend atleast going through the

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Top 30 Bluetooth Module manufacturers in the market

Are you building a product which needs a Bluetooth module? How do you go about selecting a Bluetooth module? How would you connect your main MCU with a Bluetooth module? Or, you would want to use Bluetooth module itself as your main controller for your tiny embedded product? Here is a list of more than

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Steps involved in hardware development

If you are an Embedded engineer or Manager or a company who want to build an embedded hardware product, it is very important for you to understand how the embedded hardware development process looks like. What all steps are involved in the embedded hardware development. I am working as a consultant with various companies and

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How to implement Test automation for your embedded product?

Testing is very important for your embedded hardware product. I am sure you are aware of this already. Test automation can help you a lot in reducing the effort required to analyze how well your product is performing and in production can validate the quality so that your user is happy after receiving the product.

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Top 50 Companies providing 3D Printing Service

There are several challenges faced during development of an embedded product but one of the difficulty embedded product development team faces is about the enclosure. First of all, one need to decide whether a custom enclosure is required or a readily available enclosure can also be used and then design the electronics according to that

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ESP32 Programmer: Made in India

I have designed this ESP32 programmer board recently. Before I tell you why I design such a board, let me share some of the details. Features It can be used in multiple ways like: use it for programming ESP8266, ESP32 or any other microcontroller which needs boot Pin and Reset Pin control for flashing the

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