Which PCB Gerber viewer to use?

PCB Gerber File is generated from the PCB design, an open format defining the PCB manufacturing details.

A Gerber viewer is a software application that can view and inspect Gerber files. Gerber files are a standard format for storing PCB design data, and PCB manufacturers use them to produce PCBs.

Gerber viewers can view all of the layers of a PCB design, including the copper layers, solder mask layers, and silkscreen layers. They can also measure distances, check for errors, and generate reports.

After generating the Gerber of the PCB design, it is recommended to check the Gerber files using a stand-alone Gerber viewer to see any issues in the Gerber files.

But, the question is which tool to use.

pcb gerber
Example of a Gerber file

Various Gerber tools available in the market are listed below (I have used GC Preview or Gerb Tool in the past)

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