Welcome to my blog. I am a hobbyist turned embedded system design consultant, deeply in love with electronics for more than two decades. 

As a consultant I help hardware companies build reliable and successful embedded products.

Contact me for your custom embedded design needs.

The platforms I work on are STM32, nRF52/53 Wireless SoC, Apollo 3 MCU, ESP8266, ESP32, Embedded Linux System-on-Modules, etc.

On this blog, I share technical articles which are useful for engineers who are starting their journey in embedded as well as practical embedded design tips which are useful for experienced engineers.

I also regularly write about new embedded boards and ICs which are worth exploring.

Recently, I have started my YouTube channel where I review various test instruments (power supplies, dc load, etc.) and create teardown videos.

Latest Blog Posts:

Ai-Thinker 2.4G module, based on Ci24R1

Ci24R1 Module features: The transmit power can be controlled by the software as per requirement, the maximum is +10dBm Data rate: 2Mbps/1Mbps/250kbps RF Modulation: GFSK/FSK Ultra-low shutdown power consumption: 2μA Fast startup time: <160μS Few

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Top 7 Challenges in Designing a Wearable Device

Wearable device technology is picking up at a very high pace. See how many products/ICs are getting launched every year. Low Power MCUs, highly integrated PMICs, ultra low power load switches, Power convertor, there is race

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