Teardown Video: Sound-activated RGB LED Light Bar

This is a detailed review and teardown video of Music Sound-activated RGB LED Light Bar.

I have learnt a lot from opening equipments and watching teardown videos on EEVblog.

You learn alot by seeing how others are designing products, inside construction, choice of components, how they are managing heat, size, etc.

You get to see other’s ways of thinking.

RGB LED Bar can be used for decoration. You can put it near your gaming PC or inside your car so that when you are listening to your favorite music, the LED bar will dance on the music.

RGB LED Light bar has an inbuilt battery backup and can be charged with a USB-C cable.

It is built using Bluetooth low energy SoC (32 bit ARM Cortex M0 core) and has very low power consumption.

Smartphone connects to the RGB LED Lightbar using Bluetooth and you can configure it in a couple of seconds.

The video is divided into the following interesting sections

  • What is RGB LED Light Bar, how it works, where can we use it?
  • From where I have purchased this and in how much?
  • Unboxing: what comes in the package Teardown: what is on the PCB 😉
  • High-resolution images
  • How to check battery charging status and what is charging current?
  • Block diagram and detailed explanation of how the circuit works?
  • How to install the Smartphone app and connect over Bluetooth to configure?

I hope you will enjoy the video and will learn something new.

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