Companies developing AI Chips in the world

Do you know how many companies are building AI Chips?

Which areas they are focusing on and where they are located?

A few global companies are building AI capabilities for their own needs but many others are building for larger audience. One interesting fact is, most are based out of USA and China.

If you are still curious to know who are those companies, please see the list below.

List of companies developing AI Chips

Companies Developing AI Chips

Company Type of Company Company Name Country Focus Area Selling Chips / Self-Use
wdt_ID Company Type of Company Company Name Country Focus Area Selling Chips / Self-Use
1 Alibaba Public Alibaba China AI on the Cloud Self Use
2 Tesla Private Tesla USA Self-Driving Self Use
3 NVIDIA Public NVIDIA USA Data Centers, Edge AI Applications Chips, compute modules & boards
4 Google Public Google USA Edge AI Applications Boards
5 Intel Public Intel USA Edge AI Applications System on Modules, Accelerator Boards
6 Bitmain Technology Private Bitmain Technology China Image Object Recognition, Edge AI Applications, Chips & Products
7 Facebook Public Facebook USA AI to boost computing power Self Use
8 AMD Public AMD USA AI Processor for cloud computing Self Use
9 Amberella Private Amberella USA Automotive, Security, Consumer, Industrial & Robotics Chips
10 UntetherAI Private UntetherAI Canada Voice, Gensture Recogniton IP
11 Aimotive Private Aimotive Hungary Automotive - Self Driving IP Cores & Softwares
12 Xilinx / DeePhi Tech Public Xilinx / DeePhi Tech USA Real time inference, AI at the edge, AI Accelerator IP
13 Cerebras Private Cerebras USA Wafer Scale AI Engine Chips
14 Cambricon Private Cambricon China Core processor chips for intelligent cloud servers, terminals and robots Chips & Boards
15 Groq Private Groq USA AI Chips to accelerate computation Chips
16 Habana Private Habana USA AI Chips to accelerate computation Chips and Hardware
17 Flex Logic Private Flex Logic USA Edge Inference Co-Processor Chips/IP
18 Graphcore Private Graphcore UK IPU accelerators Chips
19 SambaNova Systems Private SambaNova Systems USA Building the industry’s most advanced AI systems Chips
20 Qualcomm Public Qualcomm USA Cloud Computing Acceleration Chips
21 Harizon Robotics Private Harizon Robotics China Edge AI Processors for advanced automtove, IoT applications Chips and Boards
22 Light Matter Private Light Matter USA Phtonics based AI Processors Chips
23 Thinci Private Thinci USA AI Processors Chips
24 Mythic Private Mythic USA Unique AI Compute Architecture Chips/IP
25 Wave Computing Private Wave Computing USA IP and Processors for Smart Edge Design Chips/IP
26 Tenstorrent Private Tenstorrent Canada Processor Architecture IP
27 Brain Chip Private Brain Chip USA Neuromorphic computing Chips/IP
28 Luminous Computing Private Luminous Computing USA Buildingworld’s largest supercomputer on a single chip Chips/IP
29 Leap Mind Private Leap Mind Japan Technology to minimise complexity and power consumption IP
30 Tachyum Private Tachyum USA Universal Processor for AI Applications Chips
31 Novumind Private Novumind USA Low Power AI Processors Chips
32 Koniku Private Koniku USA AI Co-Processors made of biological cells Chips
33 Adapteva Private Adapteva USA Processor Chips
34 Think Force Private Think Force China AI Processor Architecture IP
35 AIStorm Private AIStorm USA AI processor Chips
36 Esperanto Technologies Private Esperanto Technologies USA AI Processor IP
37 Hailo Technologies Private Hailo Technologies Israel AI Processor Chips/IP
38 Gyrfalcon Technology Private Gyrfalcon Technology USA AI Processor Chips/IP

Hope you found this list of companies developing AI chips interesting and useful.

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