Embedded Projects I have Developed

I keep working on different embedded projects in my spare time to learn new embedded technology, software, and applications. Some of my personal work which I did in the past is shown here. I am sharing these so others can learn and get some inspiration.

Some of my embedded system projects which I did in my spare time are mentioned below:

1. Renesas (R8C2B Tiny) General Purpose Breakout Board

Purpose of this board was to create a break outboard so that while developing various projects it will help in PoC development and test the solution quickly.


  • Character LCD
  • I2C RTC
  • Programming Connector
  • Parallel Interface for Dot-Matrix
  • UART interface for Thermal Printer
  • PS2 Keyboard Interface
  • GSM/GPRS Interface for Modem
  • Some more IOs on header connectors

2. Graphic LCD interface with Renesas MCU (R8C Tiny)

3. SD/MMC Card interface with Renesas MCU

4. Programmable High Precision Electronic Load

Electronic LC Load using STM32 OLED Encoder Switch
User interface of precision electronic load project

5. STM32 based IoT platform (OLED, USB, RS485, WiFi, Switches, Temperature/Humidity Sensor)