Giveaway Embedded Boards (Feb 2020)

Here we go. The giveaway contest for February 2020 is here.

Which embedded boards are available for Giveaway?

How should I apply for the Giveaway Contest?

  • First share the post on LinkedIn, this increases your chances.
  • If you haven’t registered for the giveaway, register so that you will get notified as soon as a new giveaway contest is announced. (There is going to be giveaway every month)
  • Please go through the details of the boards available for the contest.
  • Share the following details in the comments section below:
    • Which board, you want, 1, 2, or 3?
    • What would you do with this board? What is the interesting project or experiment you would like do with the board?
    • The whole purpose of this giveaway is to encourage engineers and hobbyist to use these boards and make something useful out of it or atleast learn. So, I would like to see a small write-up about the experiment you have done with the board. Would you agree to share?
    • Not Mandatory: Do you document your embedded experiments or projects online, share the link (any previous project, if any)?
    • You are done, just wait for the announcement in a few days.

Are there any rules?

  • Only one winner per board will be announced. No one will get two boards in a giveaway.
  • A number will be assigned to all comments. In case multiple comments are there from same person, only the very first comment will be considered. Using a random number, one winner will be selected from all the entries from the comments put in the sequence.
  • Decision on winner is final. Please do not send me emails, messages. If you did not win this time, please note, I want to do this every month, so register here.
  • Contest will be open till 29th Feb 2020.

All the best!

Pallav Aggarwal

What about Winners?


  1. Hi pallav,
    I am following your blogs for sometime now.
    It great to hear that you are giving free eval boards
    If I win I would like to have Texas msp432 board as I’m working on a project to make SDR with IOT device.I would share details in a blog soon

    Many thanks

    1. Hello Pallav,

      Thanks a lot for giving such eval boards to us.

      Are you going to announce the winners !!

      I have added my comment – what I will do if I receive this board 3 , please have a look.
      Hope you like the idea.

      Thanks & Regards
      Sunny Menghanj

  2. Hey Pallav,
    Thanks for the give away,
    I am interested jn Board number 1 with LPC213x, since it is an ARM7TDMI based controller, I wish to prepare free tutorials on this board for my YouTube, since this could be a good starting point for beginners with ARM.
    Below, I have provided a link wherein I have written some drivers for ARM7TDMI based LPC2148 which I borrowed from my friend.

    I would be very grateful to work on this architecture again.
    Thanks 😊

  3. To explore a new controller I would always like Board 3 renesas development kit. Being from automotive background it will help me in my current job as well and on top of that I can see that I can try almost all the peripherals.

    1. Hi Pallav,

      I would like the NXP LPC213x Evaluation Board to build a sound and air pollution monitoring data acquisition system.



  4. Hello Pallav,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I want RENESAS development kit. (no 3). the reason behind choosing it is that I will work on motor control speed variation for a fan unit and that’s for my graduation in embedded systems engineering and i want to learn more about embedded systems such as this Renesas synergy MCU

    Thank you for your generosity,

    Best regards.


  5. Hi Pallav,

    I choose Board No. 3. Recently, I have joined Automation industry. I think this board is perfect to place to start exploring automation technologies and protocols. It would really help improve my understanding in embedded system. I have previously worked with ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers and FreeRTOS. Hope that I’ll win this board. Thanks in advance and looking forward for participating in more giveaways in future.

    Adithya Naga Sai TIrumanisetti

  6. Dear Pallav Sir

    As a part of being in an RF team and currently working over CORDIC algorithm, makes me want to go with the board no. 2(TI SimpleLink MSP432 High Precision ADC Launchpad).

    With it’s ecstatic features of flash memory and 16 bit resolution of ADC I can work with the CORDIC algorithm and it would help in journal publishing, also many other ADC interfacing projects which I will be looking forward in my present career like Differential Phase of two RF waves, BLI interferometry and other direction finding algorithms. Iam just one step behind in being more practical in my subjects i.e a development kit which I found in your giveaways and I have mentioned above as per my need.

    Thanking you
    K. ACHYUT.

  7. Hello Sir,

    I want board number 1. I plan to learn arm programming and to experiment it for enhancing my power electronics skills by deploying in project related to inverter / converter control strategies.

    After completion of project I am ready to share my concepts in youtube channel..

  8. Hello Pallav,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I am Sunny Menghani currently working as Embedded Software Developer in Lear Corporation.
    I have done PG Diploma in Embedded Systems & Designs from CDAC-ACTS Pune.

    I would like to use Board 3 – The Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) for RX62N for my next project.

    I will use the board sensors like Temperature Sensor, LCD and Exosite Cloud feature for IOT application.

    After completing the project, I will summarize the whole concept and will share with the embedded society.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sunny Menghani

  9. Hi,

    I am looking for RX62, if i get this board definitely try to port ubuntu core RTOS on it.
    Ubuntu core RTOS is very much secure and have multiple advantage like Android.
    i.e it has capabilities to update the application OTA..
    All the application will run as a snap (all the dependency where club in this snap) bootloader, kernel, DTB .. are in the snap format.
    I ported this RTOS on olimex-lime2 SOC and have developed some IOT based snap over this.

    What i have done are available aa open source on my GitHub account.

    1. I just go through the TMR of this board and i found much similarity with Qualcomm Snapdragon 410c SOC.
      Which has multiple peripheral it’s challenging to enable all of the peripheral by integrating all the drivers.
      Overall there are lot to learns with this SOC.

      GitHub ::

      Looking forward for your response.

      Thanks & Warm Regards,
      Shubham Pushpkar

  10. I want RENESAS development kit i.e 3 no. The reason behind chossing this is to make a project like Motor control algorithm speed variation through volume control potentiometer, Stereo audio driver connected to the PWM interface. Having this kit will be another experience for me I will try to explore it to its fullest I love this board for its feature like Ethernet jack,USB Interface etc.Previously I have worked with Arduino and Raspberry PI. Below is the link of small project that I have done

  11. Hi Pallav,
    1.Which board? – Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ MSP432P401R high-precision ADC LaunchPad™ Development Kit

    2.What would you do with this board? What is the interesting project or experiment you would like do with the board? –
    I want to learn RTOS kernel concepts from various RTOS like freeRTOS, Zephyr OS and micriums µC/OS.
    I am also interested to learn power management using RTOS.

    3.Do you document your embedded experiments or projects online, share the link (any previous project, if any)? –
    Yes, I will make some blogs and YouTube videos to explain what I have learn.

    Thanks and regards,
    Sushant Daspute

    1. Hello Sushant, Congratulations! You have been selected for the giveaway[Board 2].
      Last year after Lockdown everything went for a toss and Now, exactly after a year I wanted to restart.

      Please share your address and phone number on my email id so that I can ship the board to you. [pallav.aggarwal @ gmail .com]

  12. Hi Sir,
    I am in my second year of electronics and communication engineering and I love to play with embedded systems.
    I would like to use the 3. RDK RX62N.
    I want to build an Human machine interface for an electric vehicle charging system, this board will be useful in that. Also I really want to work with a CISC instruction set controller. I will document the project and I have previously built many projects one of which is hosted here:-

    Thanks for this initiative. Looking forward to the giveaway.

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Hello Puranjay, Congratulations! You have been selected for the giveaway[Board 3].
      Last year after Lockdown every thing went for a toss and Now exactly after a year, I wanted to restart.

      Please share your address and phone number on my email id so that I can ship the board to you. [pallav.aggarwal @ gmail .com]

      I hope this board will be helpful for you.

  13. Hi,

    I am Hari, Business Development Executive and a Hobby programmer and a maker.

    I would like to use Board 1. NXP LPC213x Evaluation Board for my hobby purpose.

    I planned to start my ARM journey using this board, mostly use it for learning and doing small programs.

    And planned on writing a small blog on getting started with NXP LPC213x.

    This will be a nice exploration to the world of ARM, I am currently using Arduino and STC51 for my project.

  14. I want board no 3 .The Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) for RX62N . Actually, from so many days I’m thinking to work & develop some applications based on USB,LAN,CAN protocols and Audio,Display to improve myself. This evaluation board has the required hardware whatever I’m looking so far. This board will definitely helps to extend my knowledge in Embedded domain.

  15. Hello sir
    I want RENESAS development kit. (no 3). The reason behind choosing this kit is i am a self learner and i am also teaching my juniors about what i learnt on Embedded systems. I found that my professor was working on a company and he is willing to recruit my juniors for his company. Then i also found that they use Renesas synergy MCU for their products. So it’ll be more useful for me to learn and also to teach them in renesas MCU platform. Hope that I’ll be winning. And also thank you for all your blogs that helps me to learn many things. (even small informations were very useful).

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