Giveaway Embedded Boards (Dec 2019)

Hello Embedded Systems Lovers,

Thank you very much for showing interest in the giveaway embedded boards contest.

I have posted a few days back on LinkedIn about a giveaway contest and asked interested enthusiasts and engineers to register here so that I can notify them once I start the monthly contest. I have got a huge response.

So, here is the first Giveaway (Dec 2019)

Which embedded boards are available for Giveaway?

How should I apply for the Giveaway Contest?

  • First share the post on LinkedIn, this increases your chances.
  • If you haven’t registered for the giveaway, register so that you will get notified as soon as a new giveaway contest is announced. (Plan is to have every month a giveaway)
  • Please go through the details of the boards available for the contest.
  • Share the following details in the comments section below:
    • Which board, you want, 1, 2, or 3?
    • What would you do with this board? What is the interesting project or experiment you would like do with the board?
    • The whole purpose of this giveaway is to encourage engineers and hobbyist to use these boards and make something useful out of it or atleast learn. So, I would like to see a small write-up about the experiment you have done with the board. Would you agree to share?
    • Not Mandatory: Do you document your embedded experiments or projects online, share the link (any previous project, if any)?
    • You are done, just wait for the announcement in 2-3 days.

Are there any rules?

  • Only one winner per board will be announced. No one will get two boards in a giveaway.
  • A number will be assigned to all comments. In case multiple comments are there from same person, only the very first comment will be considered. Using a random number, one winner will be selected from all the entries from the comments put in the sequence.
  • My decision on winner is final. Please do not send me emails, messages. If you did not win this time, please note I want to do this every month, so register here.
  • Contest will be open till 25th Dec 2019. 31st Dec 2019. Comments Closed.

All the best!

Pallav Aggarwal

Who are the Winners?

Many congratulations to all the winners, happy learning to all of you.

The ones who could not win this time, please note, I will be doing giveaway every month. Stay tuned for giveaway announcement for January 2020. Register for the notification.


  1. Hello Sir,

    Shivam Gupta this side, doing my PG Diploma in Embedded Systems & Designs from “CDAC-ACTS Pune”.

    I need either 1st or 2nd number board, because I am currently learning RTOS, CAN, SPI, I2C for automation projects.
    and we have to make a final project on the same in January and February.

    So these kits will help me to get some practical knowledge and convert my knowledge into skills.

    Thank you for organizing giveaways, this helps lots of deserving student who want to learn more and explore more.
    Looking for the endorsement!

    With the help of your kits, i am thinking to make a car security system with the help of CAN, RTOS & IOT technologies, will also publish our final project on LinkedIn & other info websites like Medium & other blogs..

    Will be waiting for your positive confirmation!

    Shivam Gupta

  2. Hello,
    I would want to put autosar stack on ARM for that I need board 1.

    Best Regards
    Kalpesh Bhosale
    AUTOSAR ECU developer
    John Deere India

  3. 1st number development board I would like to have.
    I will need this for one of my project which i am targeting to do POC.
    Mainly i need ADC, SPI and Flash more than 128KB

  4. 1st number development board I want.
    I have a plan to start with experiments for a POC of project
    I hope this board will be very useful to start with my project as mainly i need ADC, SPI and flash more than 128K

  5. Hello sir, I am embedded firmware developer. I would like to explore on chipkit max32. With this board I would be studying CAN, USB & Ethernet. In later part I would think to implement code from functional safety prospective

  6. Hi, I am Sathya working as Application engineer at microchip. i would like to get TI’s MSP432 launchpad kit for my project. As the lauchpad has a inbuilt wifi module it would help me a lot for my personalized home automation. I am using firebase as a cloud platform with a mobile application for controlling it!!

  7. Hello sir, myself Ankit Rana IoT developer and embedded enthusiast.

    I would like to go for 1st and 2nd number board,
    I wanted to learn RTOS porting and core embedded stuff and more into peripheral programming like SPI,I2C,I2S,CAN,Weigand, and wanted to publish on my medium blog,

    Well I have experience with esp32 boards from espressif and exploring stm32F401RE but its little cumbersome for me,cause of lake resource.

    I have already developed one solution AQUASENSE for shrimp and Fish farmers
    you can check it on my github profile here.

    I’m appreciating this idea of giveaway, encouraging developers. I’m looking at this as a best opportunity and platform to learn embedded systems for those who didn’t get any platform and opportunity even they have knowledge and thrust to learn.

  8. Hi,I would like to work on Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ as I am more interested in linuxBSP and would like integrate multimedia modules like display,graphics and camera and get hands-on.

  9. Hello sir
    I am Apoorva gupta. Currently pursuing ece 3rd year , I am deeply interested in vlsi and embedded systems. I wish to have number 3 board. As I am new to this I would start with beginner projects and would derive something fruitful and informative with time. I am looking forward to get this board and start my career in embedded. I have worked with arduino, node mcu, raspberry pi in the past.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and organising giveaways.

    1. Hi Sir,,

      I’m Uthayakumar Embedded Engineer..Im learning about Texas Instrument IC and MSP432 is very helpful for my project…

      All the best for your Wonderfull idea.


  10. Hi, I’m Sayan from Bangalore working as Firmware Engineer at Qualcomm. Apart from work I love to spend time in my personal lab building IoT Based projects.

    Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ MSP432P401R high-precision ADC LaunchPad™ Development Kit this board will be helpful for my next project on biomedical application.

    You view a demo of similar kind of project done by me.

      1. Sayan, Happy to share, you are the winner for board 1!
        Many Congratulations! Please share your LinkedIn profile link and address on my email id pallav.aggarwalATgmailDOTcom

  11. Sir,i would like to use 3 board as it has CAN controller, i would like to use CAN transiever to communicate between the two boards and do some application with it

  12. Hello Sir,

    I wish to choose the first board given in the list.
    1. MSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPad

    I am thinking of developing a vehicle telemetry and tracking system. Yes I would be glad to share my experiences developing this project.
    Thank you.

  13. Hi Sir, this is Priyanshu Mishra, would love to experiment with board no. 1, TI SimpleLink MSP432P01R high precision ADC Launchpad Development kit.
    I will implement Motion sensing gallery lights, interface with IBM Bluemix: cloud interface using multitasking MQTT and JSON library and RTOS games for Embedded systems and IOT. These projects will help me Dive deep into Embedded systems

  14. Hi Sir, I am Ramkumar, Thank you for this offer.
    I am pursuing BE.Electrical and Electronic Engineering, currently working in Agriculture field by using “PIC16”,but don’t have such developer board. So request you to provide board #2, it will helpful for me to develop my project further.

  15. Hi I’m Akshay…I’m from Kerala…I would like to get pic32 ChipKIT max32 by digilent to work with Ethernet development …..also want to develop a project based on Ethernet

  16. Hii, I am chinmay Kolhatkar I would like to Have Board number 2. Board number 2 is designed by microee for microchip PIC16F18855 series controller it has lot of features including on board debugger and USB programmer. It also supports PIC MPLABX IDE which has Web based IDE version too.
    I run a YouTube channel with 1K subscribers.
    I would like to make tutorial with this board as there are very less tutorials associated with specifically this board.
    This board is power packed with all 8 bit features and Microchips assurance. So here I am. I hope I will win this 2nd board.

    1. Chinmay, you are the winner for board 2!
      Many Congratulations! Please share your LinkedIn profile link and address on my email id pallav.aggarwalATgmailDOTcom

  17. Hello sir , this is konasagar Achyut
    I would like to have board no. 3
    I have been trained in VLSI Front end Engineering and designing the digital circuits have become a quintessential part of my interests. As publishing research papers is also one among my career related work in which previously I have published in IJAEMA regarding design and Verification of Wallace tree multiplier which lacked in fpga prototyping. Currently I’m working with the on chip communication protocols.
    You can find my previous paper with my Google scholar link :

  18. Hello , this is konasagar Achyut , I have been trained in VLSI Front end engineering and currently doing a research for publishing a paper , previously I have already published a paper in IJAEMA regarding design and Verification of Wallace tree multiplier but lacked in prototyping on a board. It would be of a good deed if you can lend me an FPGA board for my research works and further quintessential interests in digital designing and prototyping. You can find my paper with the Google scholar link mentioned :

  19. I will go with Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ MSP432P401R high-precision ADC LaunchPad™ Development Kit to develop noble algorithm based on Swarm Intelligence.

    I will develop an effective swarm robotic platform to check artificial and collective intelligence algorithm. The platform will provide combination of sensors, actuators and inter agent communication by having ability to communicate through IrDA protocol. It will provide a power packed multipurpose board so that we can learn and understand basics of Embedded, Network Theory, Control System, Robotics, Data Communication and Sensors.

    I will going to use CRC Hardware safety mechanism of the controller in order to detect the data consistency in data flash memory and will monitor internal device states while user program code executes with the help of powerful EnergyTrace code analysis tool.

    After completing the project, I will summarize the whole system and will share with embedded space

    I have done several projects on embedded systems and also prepared documents but its not uploaded on Internet yet.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sunny Menghani

  20. Hello, my name is Nirbhay and I would like to have Board No. 3.
    I want it because I would implement K-Line Communication Protocol, learn to implement CAN Bus and finally try out On-Board Diagnostics using it.
    I haven’t used it before, so yes it will be a learning experience for me. And once I am done, I would definitely share my views about it.

    1. Nirbhay, you are the winner for board 3!
      Many Congratulations! Please share your LinkedIn profile link and address on my email id pallav.aggarwalATgmailDOTcom

  21. 3rd number development board I want.
    Using USB otg I want interface USB 2.0 via VBUS, But main application process the data which is stored in usb 80MHZ frequancy is required for me. This is completely experiment project may be in future I need your help.

  22. I’m Very Addicted To All Technology, I Hope to win this Board number 3 and I Would like to try the ChipKIT Max32 to Write an Article on it in My Blogger and share it as soon as possible. I Wrote two Articles in IoT Using LoRa Technology one contain Raspberry Board and the Other Stm32 Developement Word, You Can Check it In the Link Below :

    How To Build Your First LoRa Gateway :

    How To Connect Your First LoRa Device ( STM32L072CZ Microcontroller ) Using B-L072Z-LRWAN1 And The Shield X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 From STMicroelectronics :

    My LinkedIn Account :

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