Tiny GPS module targeting UAV’s, wearables

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, location monitoring requirements are getting more demanding with the need for higher precision, low power and smaller GNSS modules.

Tiny GPS module targeting UAV’s, wearables 1

If you are looking for compact GPS modules that support a variety of satellite navigation systems, including:

  • United States’ GPS
  • Russia’s GLONASS
  • China’s Beidou Satellite Navigation System BDS

with low power consumption (3.3V, 30mA), you may want to evaluate Ai-Thinker’s compact GP-01 and GP-02 GPS modules.

The GP-01 module has a total of 24 Pins with five GPIO pin, while the GP-02 module has a total of 18 Pins with three GPIO pin.

Both module comes with edge pads, easy to solder form factor.

The development boards for these two modules are also available to help easily evaluate the module. Both modules are affordable yet reliable and uses latest technology.

Tiny GPS module targeting UAV’s, wearables 2

AI Thinker GPS modules and devkits are built using on AT6558R SoC

Thanks to its small size of only 10.3 x 9.9 x 2.4 mm, the GP-02 module can be easily embedded in various applications such as UAV’s, intelligent wearables, car navigation, or other solutions requiring high-precision GNSS positioning. and a compact form factor.

Datasheets, pinouts and more details are available on the documentation section on AI-thinker’s website.

GPS Modules

From where to buy GPS Modules?

If you are interested in GP-01, GP-02 GPS modules, you can contact AI-thinker by email (overseas@aithinker.com)

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