Ai-Thinker 2.4G module, based on Ci24R1

Ai-Thinker 2.4G module, based on Ci24R1 1

Ci24R1 Module features:

  1. The transmit power can be controlled by the software as per requirement, the maximum is +10dBm
  2. Data rate: 2Mbps/1Mbps/250kbps
  3. RF Modulation: GFSK/FSK
  4. Ultra-low shutdown power consumption: 2μA
  5. Fast startup time: <160μS
  6. Few external components, reduces the overall system cost
  7. Internally integrated high PSRR LDO
  8. It supports two-wire SPI interface, up to 10Mhz
  9. Internally integrated intelligent ARQ baseband protocol engine
  10. Send and receive data hardware interrupt output
  11. Support 1bit RSSI output

Product Description

NF-05 & NF-05-S 2.4G wireless modules are independently developed by Ai-Thinker, they are with small size, low power consumption, high reliability, built-in PCB antenna.

The core processor chip Ci24R1 of the module is a high-performance 2.4GHz GFSK wireless transceiver chip, which is designed for various applications such as wireless audio and wireless data transmission: wireless mouse, key disk, wireless operation control, somatosensory equipment, smart grid, smart home.

NF-05 & NF-05-S modules have industry-leading low power consumption and RF performance, support GFSK/FSK protocol.

The chip integrates high PSRR LDO and smart ARQ base with protocol engine, the fast startup time of the chip is less than 160μS, and it is turned off ultra-low power consumption, which can reach 2μA and can meet various application scenarios power consumption requirements.

Need for a few external components, greatly reduces the system’s application cost.

Ai-Thinker 2.4G module, based on Ci24R1 2

Range was tested with 250Kbps speed and the communication range was found to be around ~200 meters.

Ai-Thinker 2.4G module, based on Ci24R1 3

Ai-Thinker 2.4G module, based on Ci24R1 4

Modules Compatibility

Ai-Thinker 2.4G module, based on Ci24R1 5

Comparison of different Modules

Ai-Thinker 2.4G module, based on Ci24R1 6

If you are looking for a lower power consumption, NF-03 & NF-01-S are recommended.

However, if you want to be compatible with BLE4.2 PHY & MAC (do not support connect, but support broadcasting and RX), then you can use the NF-05 & NF-05-S.


This low power 2.4Ghz module can be used wireless remote, mouse, keyboard, Smart Home communication, Toys, etc.

Ai-Thinker 2.4G module, based on Ci24R1 7

From where to buy the module?

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