How to get an embedded systems job?

Are you a fresh embedded systems graduate and looking for an embedded systems job?

if yes, here is a small piece of advice for you:

If you are passionate about embedded systems, then, that needs to be visible in what you are doing while not on the job.

How to get an embedded systems job? 1

The interviewer is looking for how much knowledge you have in the basics of electronics and programming.

Which all MCUs you have worked with or experimented with.

What all interfaces you have worked on.

What all basics you should know is listed here.

Interviewers will love, when you show something which no one else is showing

Here is what you could do:

Pick an interesting project, create a google doc and start documenting how you progress.

Write down what is the project all about, why did you pick this, the block diagram, what results you are expecting.

Now keep working on the project by:

  • adding notes
  • take pictures as you progress
  • add details about what did not work in 1st go
  • also explaining how did you finally make it work
  • and over all, what did you learn.

In this process, you will learn how to work on a project.

Also, this will be a very nice way of showing how you progressed from starting a project to completing it. 

It will help you improve your presentation, communication skills (written).

Remember 95% success is because of how good you are in communication, skill is just 5%. 

Communication is about how you listen/understand, how you respond, both in written and verbal form. Any language.

This will help you become a better engineer

you will have a project journey to show during your interview. 

Engineers rarely do this.

Here is an example which might give you some hints: DIY Voltage Current Refence Project

Hope you will learn something new today.

Best of Luck!

Here are some articles which are useful for a beginner:

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