Onera Biomedical Lab-on-Chip

Onera Health announced on 3rd Jan 2022, it’s first Onera Biomedical Lab-on-Chip. The biomedical sensor system-on-chip measures and processes various bio-signals and is designed for a broad range of wearable health applications and devices.

This lab-on-chip can enable innovation in the various medical, wellness and fitness applications.

Onera Biomedical Lab-on-Chip 1
Image Credit: Onera

Technical Details

Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip™ is a multi-channel sensor readout system with integrated data processing, power management, and various interfaces.

Onera Biomedical Lab-on-Chip 2
Image Credit: CNX Software
  • Low Power but powerful ARM Cortex M4F MCU Core
  • 320KB SRAM & 768KB Flash
  • 10 readouts for ExG, covering EEG, ECG, EMG, and EOG
  • 2 bioimpedance readouts
  • 2 readouts for photoplethysmography
  • On-chip digital filters and accelerators
  • 2x UART
  • 4x SPI
  • 4x I2C
  • 2x I2S
  • 48x GPIOs
  • Operating Voltage: 0.8V and 3.6V
  • Power Management: various buck-boost converters, LDOs, high power LDOs

Onera Health is a leader in transforming diagnostics and monitoring.

The Dutch-American company leveraged from its deep tech roots and close partnership with imec, a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, with the development of the ultra-low-power biosignal chip.

Their breakthrough products and technologies are poised to help millions of people struggling with health ailments and chronic conditions in a variety of medical fields, including sleep, neuro, cardiac and respiratory care

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