Amber Solutions: AC Direct DC Enabler

Amber Solutions, the young Silicon Valley company has announced that they have a developed a technology which eliminates the need of rectifier, transformer, filters when converting AC to DC using their 100% solid state architecture.

By eliminating the conventional way of AC conversion using electromagnetics, Amber’s new AC direct DC power solid state controller has the industries highest efficiency for low power applications.

Amber Solutions: AC Direct DC Enabler 1
Image Credit: Amber Solutions


This solid-state solution provides many benefits like:

  • High efficiency
  • Huge size reduction (possibility to add more sensors to make more intelligent solution in the same existing formfactors)
  • Increased reliability
  • A wide and dynamic input voltage range
  • On demand output voltage
  • Safety protections

Technical details

  • Output power ranging from 0.2W to 15W
  • Dynamic input voltage from 50V to 480V
  • On demand output voltage 3.3V, 5V, 12V or anything in between
  • Highest power density at 5W per cubic inch
  • Short circuit, over-voltage and thermal protection

Company is current in the stage of converting their solid-state discrete solution to a Silicon chip. The evaluation boards are available from one of their partner company and several early adopters companies are already evaluating to test their technology and get feel of what could be possible with this revolutionizing tech.

They have plans to roll out by 2023 their chips to the market. You can learn more about Amber’s offering from their website.

This technology will especially be helpful to various companies who are building solution like Light bulbs, circuit breakers, AC powered sensors, etc. This could eventually enable intelligent solutions with can easily fit in modular electrical sockets.

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