CH32V003 Inspiring Projects: Makers at their Best

CH32V003 MCU is making waves for obvious reason. It’s an Ultra Low cost 10-cent RISCV core MCU. Its cheap yet powerful also documentation, example codes, and support is available.

Several developers have started building very interesting projects based on CH32V003 Microcontroller. Just by looking at those projects I am sure you will not believe that it is done with such a small microcontroller.

CH32V003 Inspiring Projects: Makers at their Best 1

So, here is a list of 5 Top Projects built on CH32V003 MCU

In the list first one is from a very popular maker Bitluni, he does crazy stuff with ESP32, taking it to the edge and squeezing every drop of power out of it.

1. CH32V003 based Cheap RISCV Supercluster for $2

Watch the project details in the video below

2. CH32V003 based FM Transmitter

It is compact battery powered FM transmitter KT0803K or KT0803L Radio-Station-on-a-Chip, this is the core of the project along with CH32V003 which is the main MCU. The KT0803K/L is a low cost Digital Stereo FM Transmitter ASIC, It takes audio signal input and transmits the modulated FM signal over a short range.

The KT0803K/L features dual 20-bit ΔΣ audio ADCs, a high-fidelity digital stereo audio processor and a fully integrated radio frequency (RF) transmitter.

KT0803K Datasheet will give you more details about what all is possible.

An on-chip low-drop-out regulator (LDO) allows the chip to be integrated in a wide range of low-voltage battery-operated systems with power supply ranging from 1.6V to 3.6V. The KT0803K/L can be controlled via its I²C interface.

TP4054 is used for battery charging via USB-C Port.

ON/OFF switch is also provided.

The project is fully open source and designed using EasyEDA. Project details available here.

I would have loved if a video was their showing how the project works but you need to understand the picture given blow.

CH32V003 Inspiring Projects: Makers at their Best 2

3. RISCV Mini Game Console

Powered by CH32V003 SOP8 Package MCU, it drives OLED Display over I2C and takes input from 5 Keys and have buzzer, the whole circuit is powered by CR2032 Coin Cell and a Slide switch for Power ON/OFF.

The project RISCV Mini Game Console is open source and the hardware is done using EasyEDA.

CH32V003 Inspiring Projects: Makers at their Best 3

A short video showing how RISCV Mini Game Console works where one can play four different games. Very interesting.

4. Battery Powered Pocket CO2 Sensor

The project is a pocket size battery powered CO2 Sensor or monitor. It is built using the incredibly cheap CH32V003 microcontroller. The Project uses 128×64 SSD1306 OLED Display, TP4057 3.7V LiPo Battery charge controller, and a Sensirion SCD40 CO2 sensor, Micro USB port for charging the battery.

Watch the video below and read his detailed blog

5. USB Powered Nixie Tube Driver

Nixie Tubes are not very easy to use as they need high voltage to drive and that why not many makers gets into using them

Charles (@CNLohr) took this to an extreme, and used clever design tricks and his online shopping skills to make a very compact Nixie driver circuit that costs less than $2.50. The Russian made tubes were two for $20, which is also inexpensive compared to other tubes on the market.

More details about the project are the video below and his blog.

I hope you found these projects based on CH32V003 MCU interesting and got some motivation to start exploring this MCU.

If you are building an interesting project, please send me details or your blog I will add your project here as well.

If you are interested to learn how to use CH32V003 Microcontroller, here is a tutorial series to help you. Hope you will find it useful

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