Giveaway – BalenaFin Raspberry Pi CM3 Carrier Board

Today, I am very existed and happy to start the Embedded Board Giveaways again after a long gap.

I started giveaways in Dec 2019, could continue for Jan, Feb 2020 and then had to put it on hold due to COVID-19.

What is this Embedded Board Giveaway Initiative?

I buy lot of embedded boards for experiment/learning and I get lot of boards from fellow engineers and friends as well.

After initial testing/evaluation they are not used, so, instead of keeping it with me I want to give them to deserving embedded engineers who could use them for learning.

The only ask from whoever gets the board is they share what they learn while working on the board.

Which Board is up for this Giveaway?

BalenaFin Raspberry Pi Cm3/3+ Carrier Board with Enclosure

  • Giveaway - BalenaFin Raspberry Pi CM3 Carrier Board 1
  • Giveaway - BalenaFin Raspberry Pi CM3 Carrier Board 2
  • Giveaway - BalenaFin Raspberry Pi CM3 Carrier Board 3

I wrote an article on allaboutcircuits about why Raspberry Pi SBC is not good for commercial products and one of the engineers from Balena contacted me and sent me the board for a review.

You can read BalenaFin Board Review.

How to Participate – watch this video to know details?

Who is the Winner?

I would like to congratulate Rajesh Kumbhakar, he is the winner of October 2021 Giveaway.

I have already contacted him to get his address so that I can ship him the BalenaFin board and the enclosure. Can’t wait to see what he does with the board and share with the community.

Many congratulations to Rajesh once again.

If you are not the winner this time don’t worry, Nov 15th another Giveaway will be announced and you can participate. Best Wishes!

Feedback / Comments?

Please share your feedback or comments below. You can also reach me directly.

Next Giveaway?

I am planning to do Embedded Board Giveaway atleast once in a month so you can expect next one during Mid of November.

Which Board? See the video 🙂

Do you want to Sponsor?

Would love to collaborate with you if you want to Sponsor the Giveaways.

You can contact me for further details.

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