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How to find PCB components 3D model?

Do you know where you can find the 3D model of electronic components, boards, sub assemblies, etc.?

I recommend you to follow the given flow to find 3d models:

  1. SnapEDA
  2. Component Search Engine
  3. Distributors: Digikey | Mouser
  4. UltraLibrarian
  5. Octopart
  6. 3DContentCentral
  7. Solidworks
  8. GrabCAD
  9. TraceParts
  10. DesignSpark 3d Zone
  11. 3DWarehouse
  12. PCB-3D
  13. Turbosquid
  14. SketchFab

If you know of any other useful sites, let me know, I will add them here.

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