OWON P4305 Programmable Power Supply


Owon P4305 Programmable Power Supply is a single-channel power supply with a 0-30V voltage and 0-5A current range. The minimum voltage it can set is 10mV and it measures and displays the output voltage with a resolution of 3 decimal places. This is one of the biggest features of this power supply.

It helps a lot when you are bringing up your hardware and can see current changes with a resolution of 1mA or optimizing the design for power consumption.

The power supply is fairly accurate, you will be able to see in the Part 1 video where I have to show the measurements using Fluke 179 multimeter.

Technical Spec

  • 150W maximum output power
  • High resolution: 1mV / 1mA
  • Low ripple/noise
  • Overvoltage/over current protection
  • Multi-directional cooling system with smart fan
  • 3.7 inch TFT LCD display
  • Support RS232 & USB interface & SCPI Programming
  • Dimensions: 117mm(L) × 194mm(H)× 295mm(D)
OWON P4305 Programmable Power Supply 1

Explainer Videos


Part 1 gives an overview of various features of this power supply and shows measurement on Fluke 179 also.

PC Interface

Part 2 of the video is mainly about how to interface power supply using USB (Owon’s PC Software) or RS232 using SCPI Commands.

SCPI Commands

OWON P4305 Programmable Power Supply 2

Measurement Commands

  • *IDN? (read manufacturers details like name, product number, serial number, etc.)
  • MEASure:VOLTage?
  • MEASure:CURRent?
  • MEASure:POWER?

Configuration Commands

  • OUTput 0 (Disable Output)
  • OUTput 1 (enable Output)
  • VOLTage 23.5 (Set voltage)
  • CURRent 1.5 (Set current limit)
  • VOLTage:LIMit 25.9 (Set over voltage protection)
  • CURRent:LIMit 3.567 (Set over current protection)

I hope you have found this information useful.

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