Open Source Hardware Projects

These are some of the open source hardware projects I have worked on in the past few months and years.

I hope you will find them helpful.

Ultra Low IQ Power Supply Test Board

Open Source Hardware Projects 1

VREF (Precision Voltage Current Source)

Open Source Hardware Projects 2

USB-C PD Sink Controller Board (STUSB4500)

USB-C is great interface as it can deliver 100W of power with an option of various voltages like 5V, 12V, 15V, 20V (standard ones) based on the need.

The board uses ST Microelectronics STUSB4500 USB PD Sink Controller IC with an external MOSFET for power control.

Breakout board helps easily evaluate the USB PD Chip and makes it easy for any one to understand how they can add USB PD functionality on their board or product. Also, it will be useful for quick prototyping where you need to add USB PD functionality.

Open Source Hardware Projects 3

Dual Output Power Supply (Serobit DC-DC Module)

Open Source Hardware Projects 4
Open Source Hardware Projects 5

Developed a Dual Power Supply Board for easy prototyping with a lot of useful features.

The power Supply board accepts 3 different inputs:

  • Screw terminal
  • Dc barrel jack
  • USB-C (right now it only works good for 3.3V output, but the idea was to add USB PD feature in future)

It generates both 5.0V (1.5A) and 3.3V (2.2A) as these are the most commonly used power supply voltage for most products/projects. It used readily available Dc Dc modules.

Over voltage and over current protection is there at the input side.

DC – DC used are very efficient and has over current, thermal shutdown protection. With additional heat sink, both dc dc modules can deliver ~2.5A output.

At the output there are two shunts(10 milliohm) in series to make engineers’ life easy if they want to measure current consumption of their system.

HaneSoM Carrier Board

Raspberry Pi CM4 Carrier Board

Breadboard compatible Universal Power Supply

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