OWON XDM1041 Programmable Multimeter


Owon has launched a new low-cost (~150$) benchtop multimeter (XDM1041) with an RS232 interface.

I was searching for a low-cost programmable multimeter for one of my test automation projects and found this on toolworld.

It’s fairly new, the documentation is not yet available on their website. It took me some time to figure all the details and make it work.

OWON XDM1041 Programmable Multimeter 1

Technical Specification

DC Voltage(DCV)

  • 50.000mV 0.001mV 0.1%+10
  • 500.00mV 0.01mV 0.05%+5
  • 5.0000V 0.0001V 0.05%+5
  • 50.000V 0.001V 0.05%+5
  • 500.00V 0.01V 0.1%+5
  • 1000.0V 0.1V 0.1%+10

AC Voltage(ACV)

  • 500mV-750V 20Hz~45Hz 1%+30
  • 45Hz~65Hz 0.5%+30
  • 65Hz~1KHz 0.7%+30

DC Current(DCA)

  • 500uA 0.01uA 0.15%+20
  • 5000uA 0.1uA 0.15%+10
  • 50mA 0.001mA 0.15%+20
  • 500mA 0.01mA 0.15%+10
  • 5A 0.0001A 0.5%+10
  • 10A 0.001A 0.5%+10

AC Current(ACA)

  • 500uA-500mA / 0.5%+20
  • 5A-10A 1.5%+20
  • Resistance (Ω) 500Ω 0.01Ω 0.15%+10
  • 5KΩ 0.0001KΩ 0.15%+5
  • 50KΩ 0.001KΩ 0.15%+5
  • 500KΩ 0.01KΩ 0.15%+5
  • 5MΩ 0.0001MΩ 0.3%+5
  • 50MΩ 0.001MΩ 1%+10

Frequency (HZ)

  • 10.000Hz-60MHz / ±(0.2%+10)

Capacitance (F)

  • 50nF-500uF / 2.5%+5
  • 5mF-50mF 5%+10


  • 3.0000V 0.0001V


  • 1000Ω 0.1Ω Adjustable threshold


  • Ktype, PT100

Maximum Display 55000 counts
Record duration 15ms-9999.999s
Record length 1,000 points

Display screen 3.7in TFT LCD, resolution is 480 x 320
Working power supply AC 90-240V, Frequency 50/60Hz, Power 15W

Explainer Video

I have created two videos, one giving the details about all the major features this multimeter has and a comparison with Fluke 287 True RMS Multimeter and another one is to show how to connect this multimeter with PC using OWON’s PC Software or control using serial commands.

Multimeter Features

PC Interface via DMMEasyControl Software / SCPI Serial Commands

SCPI Commands

OWON XDM1041 Programmable Multimeter 2

Commands were nowhere available so I used a serial port sniffer to figure it out and I am sharing so you don’t waste your time in figuring it out.

Mode Configuration Commands (every command need 0x0

  • *IDN? (this will give manufacturers details)
  • CONFigure:VOLT:DC
  • CONFigure:VOLT:AC
  • CONFigure:CURR:DC
  • CONFigure:CURR:AC
  • CONFigure:RES
  • CONFigure:CONT
  • CONFigure:DIOD
  • CONFigure:CAP
  • CONFigure:FREQ
  • CONFigure:PER
  • CONFigure:TEMP
  • RATE S (for slow sampling)
  • RATE M (for medium sampling)
  • RATE F (for high sampling)

For Range selection in each mode like DC voltage or AC Voltage you need to send range command

  • RANGE 1<LF> will set to 50mv range of DC volt mode. if you want to set into Auto mode you need to send AUTO<LF> command.

Measurement Commands


NOTE: Each command should use a linefeed character at the end of each command like CONFigure:VOLT:DC<LF>

I hope you have found this information useful.

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