How to manufacture embedded products in India


How to manufacture embedded products in India 1

This is high time we start manufacturing embedded products in India.

What? you are already manufacturing in India? Really?

PCB material comes from outside.

Electronic components from USA, Europe, China,

You use some connectors also, manufactured in US, Europe, China?

Enclosures are also from outside.

So, you are just assembling in India, and probably design is yours, right?

How to manufacture in India?

Let us try to understand what it takes to manufacture in India. We are able to design our products like we have our own ideas and we can design hardware, Schematics, PCB design and even mechanical(enclosure).

But, when it comes to manufacturing we are heavily dependent on outside world inspite of the fact that we are one of the biggest consumers of goods, be it consumer or Industrial or Automotive or defense.

So, if you decide today you want to use all that is available and manufactured in India, how to go about it?

One of the biggest challenge is to find companies who are manufacturing components in India. It’s really hard and believe me there are just handful of companies who are really manufacturing components in India.

Three main things which you need for any product are PCB, electronic components and enclosures.

So, here are the Indian Manufacturers who you should consider to help Make In India Initiate be successful.

List of 75+ PCB Manufactures in India

If you know any more PCB manufacturers, please mention in the comment and I will try to add to the list as soon as possible. Thanks for your help in advance.

Do we have electronic component manufacturers in India?

There are some companies who manufacture resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, mosfet, etc. but it will be very hard to get all the components which are manufactured in India to replace in your existing designs , only partially we can.

Let me try to help a little bit in this direction. I have spent some time and did research online and found a few companies which are manufactured in India.

Maybe some of us could use their products in our designs and help our Indian economy. This may also encourage others to start thinking in direction of manufacturing in India.

I will keep adding more companies as I find, but here are some initial findings. If you find more companies, please mention in the comments section and I will try to add them as soon as possible.

List of Electronic Component Manufacturers in India

Components Manufacturer in India

Manufacturer Name Manufacturer Manufacturer Name Category Components City State
wdt_ID Manufacturer Name Manufacturer Manufacturer Name Category Components City State
1 Advance components and instruments pvt ltd Passive components Capacitors, EMI Capacitors Mysuru Karnataka
2 Alcon Electronics pvt. Ltd. Passive components Aluminium electrolytic capacitors, DC-Link capacitors, Power film capacitors, IGBT snubber capacitors, General film capacitors Nashik Maharashtra
3 BG LI-IN Electricals ltd. Electromechanical Automotive relays, power relays Aurangabad Maharashtra
4 Cermet resistronics pvt ltd Passive components Wirewound resistors, Braking resistors, electrical load bank resistors, voltage divider, high voltage resistors, power resistors, discharge resistors, zero ohm resistors, thick film resistors Pune Maharashtra
5 Continental device India ltd Active components Diodes. Rectifiers, Transistors, Metal can transistors, Triacs & SCRs, IC devices, Mosfets, Regulators New Delhi New Delhi
6 Deki electronics Passive components DC film capacitors, LED capacitors, AC film capacitors, Ceramic capacitors, RFI film capacitors, Power capacitors New Delhi New Delhi
7 Desai Electronics pvt ltd Passive components General purpose capacitors, Fan rgulator capacitors, Power electronics capacitors, High voltage capacitors, automotive capacitors Pune Maharashtra
8 Elcom International pvt ltd Electromechanical Fuse holders, NEMA connectors, power cords, power entry compo nents, solenoid connectors, switches, connectors Mumbai Maharashtra
9 Elcompo electronics india pvt ltd Electromechanical SMPS transformer, Driver transformer, Common mode choke, differnetial mode choke, current transformer, isolation transformer Chennai Tamil Nadu
10 Electronic relays (india) pvt ltd Electromechanical PCB mount SSR, Single phase din mount SSR, DC reversing SSR, Three phase SSR, phase angle control SSR, single phase SSR with short circuit protection Bengaluru Karnataka

I hope you have got some useful information. If you have any suggestions or feedback please don’t hesitate to add a comment below. I will be very happy to receive your response and try to work on that.

Let’s Make in India.

You can read my other blogs or interesting embedded system articles here where I share some of the practical tips for embedded system design.

I help embedded engineers and start ups build reliable and successful embedded products and providing professional services as embedded system design consultant. If you need any help please let me know here.

Happy Learning to you!


  1. I am very excited to see the list of Indian manufacturers. But it looks like I can not get all components. Could you please similar list from other countries also for components which are currently not manyafctured in India? I was also looking for almost complete list of components being used in modern motherboard (of laptop/computer) manufacturing, for doing related repair work and redesign of parallel computers using low cost compoents.

    Thanks you so much for providing valuable information for people entering inti the hardware and system design! Lets ‘make in India’ stronger!

    Will it be possible for you to guide about starting a new manufacturing faculity for a component which is currenty not being manufactured in India? You vision can help many people to create local manufacturing facility for these missing components.

    1. Thank you, Dharmendra.

      It took a lot of time to create this list and I can very well understand this companies cannot provide all components one may need in their product but I thought it could be a good start.

      Other countries, you can check mouser, Digikey, Element14, RS Components are these online portals will give you a list of outside India manufacturers.

      Sorry, I don’t have knowledge on manufacturing components in India but the list you see, you might want to contact these companies if there is someone who could help you. You may want to find someone on Linkedin. Not everyone would be interested to respond/help.

  2. Shah electronics in Ahmedabad manufactures current transformers, SMPS transformers, Ferrite coils etc

      1. My self BHANU PRAKASH AGRAWAL Thanks for your support….

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