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There are more than 100 System on Module manufacturers worldwide. If you are planning to use System-on-module (SOM)/computer-on-module in your product, the first thing you will need to do is to find the list of System on module manufacturers and then go to their website and see if they have a suitable module for your requirement.

It is a very time-consuming exercise as the list is nowhere available where one can go and filter based on the critical parameters.

What is System on Module?

System on module is nothing but a small PCB board which has CPU, Flash, RAM, Power Supply, and various IOs (GPIOS, USB, UART, SPI, I2C, etc.).

In modern complex electronics, it is becoming very common part of the design, especially in industrial, medical electronics.

It not only helps reduce the complexity of the design but also reduces the time to market which is critical for a product success.

If you are not building something in more than >20K – 50K quantity, it will make sense to use a ready system-on-module for the product development.

These system-on-module runs an OS and mainly used in the applications where Ethernet, high resolution display, file systems, USB, Internet, etc. is required and application demand high computing but want to keep development effort low.

Parameters to consider before selecting a system on module?

There are six critical parameters to consider before selecting an appropriate system on module:

  1. Longevity
  2. Technical Support
  3. Features
  4. Warranty
  5. Operating Temperate Range
  6. Scalability
  7. Flexibility

Read the article below for more details on these parameters.

With this below-given system-on-module manufacturer list, I am hoping, it will reduce your effort a little bit in finding the appropriate System-on-module manufacturers. This list is still a work-in-progress.

I will also develop a filter for module selection directly but it will take some more time, so bear with me.

For now, it is gives the facility to find system-on-module manufacturers and then with that filtered list you need to go to their website and find the relevant module by yourself.

Different Form-Factors of a System on Module

System on Module Manufacturers 1
System on Module Manufacturers 2
System on Module Manufacturers 3
System on Module Manufacturers 4
System on Module Manufacturers 5
System on Module Manufacturers 6
System on Module Manufacturers 7

Search in the list

You can search all companies manufacturing Stamp form factor modules with the keyword “Stamp” or search which all companies are making iMX8 based module using the term “iMX8“, etc.

List of System on Module Manufacturers

Link SOM Manufacturer SoM Focus Distributors HQ Other Locations Architecture SoC Family Support Channels Custom Engineering
Company Name Link SOM Manufacturer SoM Focus Distributors HQ Other Locations Form Factor Architecture SoC Vendors SoC Family Supported OS Support Channels Custom Engineering
Toradex||Toradex Yes Switzerland USA, Brazil, India, China, Japan, Veitnam SODIMM, MXM ARM NXP, Nvidia iMX6, iMX7, iMX8, Vybrid, Tegra 2, Tegra 3 Windows CE, Linux Developer Website, Forum, Email Partners
Phytec||Phytec Yes Germany USA, France, India, China SODIMM, Board2Board ARM NXP, TI, Rockchip AM65X, AM57X, iMX8, iMX6, iMX7, Vybrid, RK3288 Windows Embedded, Linux Developer Website, Email Direct
Varascite||Varascite Yes Israel Germany SODIMM, Board2Board ARM NXP, TI, Qualcomm AM437X, AM335X, iMX8, iMX7, iMX6, Snapdragon 410 Linux, Android Developer Website, Forum Direct
Compulab||Compulab Yes Yes Israel SODIMM, Board2Board ARM NXP, TI, iMX6, iMX7, iMX8, AM335X, AM437X, AM57XX, DM3730 Linux, Android Developer Website, Forum Direct
Kontron||Kontron Yes Germany France, England, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia COM Express, ETX, Qseven, SMARC ARM, X86 Intel, NXP, Nvidia, TI iMX6, iMX7, iMX8, Intel Atom, Intel Quark, AM3874, Tegra 3 Windows, Android, Linux Developer Website Direct
Congatec||Congatec Yes Yes Germany Taiwan, China, Czech Republic, Audtralia, USA, Japan COM Express, SMARC, Qseven ARM, X86 Intel, NXP, AMD Intel Atom, iMX6, iMX8 Windows, Linux Customer Login Direct
Advatech||Advatech Yes Taiwan USA, China, India, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Veitnam, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Sweden, COM Express, SMARC, Qseven ARM, X86 Intel, NXP, TI iMX6, iMX8, iMX53, AM5728, AM3352 Windows, Linux, Android Customer Login, Forum Direct
Calixto Systems||Calixto Systems Yes India SODIMM, Board2Board, STAMP ARM TI AM180X, AM335X, OMAP L13X Linux Email Direct
EMAC Inc||EMAC Inc Yes Yes USA SODIMM, SMARC, Qseven, EXT, COM Express ARM, X86 TI, NXP, Intel, AMD, Atmel/Microchip, Cirrus Logic iMX8, iMX6, SAMA5D3, AT91, AM335X, AM3517, EP9307, AM3874, Intel Atom, Intel Quark, AMD Windows, Linux Developer Website, Email Direct
SOM Labs||SOM Labs Yes Yes Poland SODIMM ARM NXP, ST Micro, iMX6, iMX7, iMXRT, STM32MP1 Linux, FreeRTOS Developer Website, Email Direct
Octavo Systems||Octavo Systems Yes Yes USA BGA ARM TI, ST Micro AM3358, STM32MP1 Linux Forum, Email Partners
WandBoard||WandBoard Yes Yes Taiwan EDM Edge Connector ARM NXP iMX6 Linux, Android Developer Website, Forum, Email No
Onion||Onion Yes Yes USA Canada, China STAMP, Header ARM Mediatek MT7688 Linux Developer Website, Forum, Email No
GHI Electronics||GHI Electronics Yes Yes USA SODIMM, STAMP ARM Atmel/Microchip, ST MIcro AT91, STM32F4, STM32F767, LPC1788, AT91 TinyCLR OS, Linux Developer Website, Forum, Email Direct
DAVE Embedded Systems||DAVE Embedded Systems Yes Yes Italy SODIMM, Board2Board ARM Xilinx, NXP, TI iMX6, iMX8, AM335x, XC7Z Linux, Android, RTOS Developer Website, Forum No
Microchip||Microchip No Yes USA BGA, STAMP ARM Atmel/Microchip SAMA5D27 Linux, RTOS Forum No
Inforce Computing||Inforce Computing Yes Yes USA Baord2Board ARM Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E, Snapdragon 660, Snapdragon 820, Snapdragon 845 Android, Linux Developer Website, Forum No
Digi International||Digi International Yes Yes USA Germany, Spain, Singapore, Japan, China, Austrailia LGA, STAMP ARM NXP iMX8, iMX6 Linux, Android Developer Website, Forum, Email No
iWave Systems||iWave Systems Yes Yes India Board2Board, SMARC, Qseven ARM NXP, Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx, Renesas, TI iMX6, iMX8, iMX51, Snapdragon 820, RZ/G1H, DM8168, Zync Linux, Windows CE, Android, VxWorks, Integrity, QNX Email Direct
Axiomtek||Axiomtek Yes Yes Taiwan China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UK, USA COM Express, ETX, Qseven, SMARC ARM, X86 Intel, AMD, NXP iMX6, iMX287, iMX8, Intel Atom, Celeron, Pentium Linux, Android, Windows Developer Website, Email Direct
MYIR Tech||MYIR Tech Yes Yes China Board2Board, STAMP, SODIMM ARM NXP, TI, Atmel/Microchip, Samsung, Xilinx iMX6, iMX8, iMX7, Zync, iMX28, AM335X, AM437X, A5D2, A5D3, A5D4, SAM9X5, S5PV210, Exynos4412 Linux, Android Email Direct
Bluetechnix||Bluetechnix Yes Yes Austria Board2Board ARM Analog Devices, NXP ADSP-BlackFin, iMX6 uCLinux, BLACKSheep® OS, Linux Developer Website, Email No
Emcraft Systems||Emcraft Systems Yes USA Russia Board2Board ARM ST MIcro, NXP, Microsemi STM32MP1, STM32F7, STM32F4, iMX6, iMX8, Vybrid, Kinetis K70, Kinetis K61, SmartFusion, SmartFusion2 uCLinux, Linux, Android, FreeRTOS Email Direct
Hectronic||Hectronic Yes Sweden Qseven, COM Express, SMARC ARM, X86 AMD, Intel AMD, Intel Atom, iMX6, iMX28 Windows, Linux, Android Email Partners
econ-systems||econ-systems No Yes India Edge Connector, Board2Board, SODIMM ARM NXP, Nvidia, TI iMX6, iMX7, Tegra K1, AM3703, PXA270 Linux, Android, Windows Developer Website, Email Direct
einfochips||einfochips No Yes India USA, Japan Board2Board ARM Qualcomm Snapdragon 624, Snapdragon 410, Snapdragon 600, Snapdragon, 820 Linux, Android Email Direct
Eurotech||Eurotech Yes Yes Italy USA, UK, Japan, France COM Express, Board2Board X86 Intel Intel Windows, Linux, RTOS Developer Website, Email Direct
Intrinsyc Technologies||Intrinsyc Technologies Yes Canada Taiwan, India Board2Board, Edge Connector ARM Qualcomm, NXP iMX8, Snapdragon 845/820/820E/660/624/626/410/2500/212/2100 Android, Linux Developer Website, Email Direct
TechNexion||TechNexion Yes Yes Taiwan SODIMM, MXM, Board2Board ARM NXP, TI iMX6, iMX7, iMX8, AM3517, OMAP3530, DM3730 Linux, Android, RTOS Developer Website, Email Direct
Grape Rain||Grape Rain Yes China STAMP, SODIMM, Edge Connector ARM Rockchip, Qualcomm, Samsung Qualcomm MSM8909/MSM8916/MSM8937/MSM8953, Samsung Exynos4412/S5P4418/, Rockchip RK3288/RK3299/RK3128 Linux, Android Basic Documentation, Email Direct
TQ Systems||TQ Systems Yes Yes Germany China, Switzerland, USA SMARC, COM Express, Board2Board, LGA ARM, X86 Intel, NXP, TI MPC5200B, iMX28, iMX53, iMX6, iMX7, iMX8, AM57xx, LS1012A, LS1028A, LS102xA, LS1043A, LS1046A, LS1088A, QorIQ™ P1020, QorIQ™ P2020, QorIQ™ Dual T1022/T1040/T1042, Intel Windows, Linux, Android Basic Documentation, Email No
Embedded Artists||Embedded Artists Yes Yes Sweden SODIMM, MXM, Board2Board ARM NXP iMX6, iMX7, iMX8, iMXRT 1052/1062, LPC1788, LPC4088, LPC4357, LPC54018 RTOS, Linux, Android Developer Website, Email No
Aaeon||Aaeon Yes Yes Taiwan USA, China, Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany, Singapore, Canada COM Express X86 Intel, AMD Intel, AMD Windows Direct
Technologic Systems||Technologic Systems Yes USA Board2Board ARM, X86 NXP, Intel, Atmel/Microchip iMX6, iMX283, PXA168, iMX515, AT91 Linux, Android, Window, QNX Developer Website, Email Direct
BCM Advanced Research||BCM Advanced Research Yes USA Qseven, COM Express X86 Intel Intel Windows, Linux Basic Documentation, Email Direct
Critical Link||Critical Link Yes Yes USA Edge Connector, Board2Board, SMARC, SODIMM ARM Intel, TI, NXP Altera, Cyclone, iMX6, AM335x, OMAP-L138, AM1808, TMS320C6711 Linux, Micrium uC/OS, Android, QNX, and Windows Developer Website, Email Direct
Portwell||Portwell Yes Taiwan USA, China, Korea, Japan, India, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Brazil COM Express, Qseven, SMARC ARM, X86 Intel, NXP, AMD, TI Intel, iMX6, AMD, AM335x Windows, LInux Developer Website, Email No
Seco||Seco Yes Yes Italy Qseven, SMARC, COM Express, EXT ARM, X86 AMD, Intel, NXP, TI, Xilinx AMD, Intel, iMX6, iMX8, Zync, OMAP37xx, Windows, Linux, Android Email Direct
OpenEmbed||OpenEmbed Yes China SODIMM, Board2Board, Edge Connector ARM NXP, ST Micro iMX8, QorIQ LS1028A, QorIQ LS1012A, STM32MP1 Linux, Android Email Direct
Zhuhai MYZR Technology||Zhuhai MYZR Technology Yes China STAMP, SODIMM ARM NXP, Rockchip, Allwinner, ST Micro iMX6, RK3288, SAMA5, R16, iMX28x Linux, Android Email Direct
ACME Systems||ACME Systems Yes Italy STAMP, Board2Board, Header ARM Microchip/Atmel SAMA5, AT91 Linux Forum, Email No
Raspberry Pi||Raspberry Pi Yes Yes UK SODIMM ARM Broadcom BCM2837 Linux Forum, Developer Website No
Avalue Technology||Avalue Technology Yes Yes Taiwan SMARC, COM Express, Qseven ARM, X86 Intel, NXP Intel, iMX6 Windows, Linux, Android Froum, Email Direct
Forlinx Embedded||Forlinx Embedded Yes Yes China Board2Board, Stamp, ARM TI, NXP, Samsung, AllWinner AM5718, Am355x, iMX8, iMX6, iMX RT1061, iMX RT1052, LS1012A, LS1043A, S5P6818, S5P4418, S5PV210, S3C6410, T3, A40i Linux, Android Email No
The Obroma Systems||The Obroma Systems Yes Yes Austria Qseven ARM Allwinner, Rockchip PX30, RK3399, RK3368, A64, A31 Linux, Android Email Direct
FirendlyARM||FirendlyARM No Yes China Header, Edge Connector ARM Samsung, Rockchip, Allwinner RK3399, S5P4418, S5P6818, S5PV210, Exynos4412, H3, H5 Android, Linux Email, Forum No
Genia Tech||Genia Tech No China Board2Board ARM NXP, Rockchip RK3399, iMX6 Android, Linux Email No
Embedian||Embedian Yes Yes Taiwan Japan SMARC, MXM ARM NXP, TI, Samsung iMX6, iMX8, iMX7, AM335x, AM4378, S3C2440A, S3C6410, XScale® PXA320, S5PV210 Android, Linux Developer Website, Email Direct
Adlink Technology||Adlink Technology Yes Yes Taiwan China, Japan, Korea, Singapore SMARC, Qseven, ETX, COM Express X86, ARM Intel, Rockchip, NXP Intel, iMX8, PX30, iMX6 Windows, Linux, Android Customer Login, Email Partners
Olimex||Olimex No Yes Bulgaria Board2Board, Edge Connector ARM TI, AllWinner, Rockchip A13, A20, AM355x, RK3188 Linux, Android Email Direct
CoreWind Technology||CoreWind Technology Yes China STAMP, Board2Board, Header ARM Samsung, Microchip/Atmel AT91, SAM9, Exynos4412, S5PV210, S3C6410A Linux Basic Documentation, Email No

Hope this list was useful. Share your feedback or a suggestion here.

Need help in System on Module Selection?

If you need any help in System on Module selection for your product, let me know. I have worked in a system on module manufacturing company for around 6 years and I have gained a lot of experience there. I can help you pick the right SoM and also guide your how to architect the right solution.

Read other articles about embedded system design here.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the useful article.

    I am at the stage of finding new SOM for my requirement.
    Can you help me to select the right one.
    1. Android OS – Good processor with at least 6 cores
    2. OCR and TTS function: So need at least 4GB RAM and 32GB storage
    3. Need I/O – HDMI out, USB, Audio out, WIFi and BT
    4. Need to interface LCD display, 13MP MIPI camera, one more 2MP/5MP camera, few physical buttons & LEDs over I2C/USB/GPIO, Lithium battery

    We are from India.


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