System on Module Manufacturers

There are more than 100 System on Module manufacturers worldwide. If you are planning to use System on Module (SOM)/computer-on-module in your product, first thing you will need to do it to find the list of System on module manufacturers and then go to their website and see if they have suitable module for your requirement. It is a very time consuming as the list is nowhere available where one can go and filter based on the parameters critical for them.

Which parameters to consider before selecting a system on module?

There are six critical parameters (Longevity, Support, Warranty, Temperate Range, Availability, Flexibility) to consider before selecting an appropriate system on module or board. Read this article for more details.

With this below given system on module manufacturer list (option to filter) I hope it will reduce your effort a little bit in finding the appropriate System on Module manufacturers. This list is still work in progress.

I will also develop a filter for module selection directly but it will take some more time, so bear with me.

For now, it is gives the facility to find system-on-module manufacturers and then with that filtered list you need to go to their website and find the relevant module by yourself.

How to search the list?

Search is the best option in this list, you can search all companies manufacturing Stamp form factor modules with keyword “Stamp” or search which all companies are making iMX8 based module using search term “iMX8“, etc.

List of System on Module Manufacturers

Hope this list was useful. Share your feedback or a suggestion here.

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