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You can find here the latest news about new embedded systems product launches, updates, announcements.

8 Channel Relay Board with RS485

One of the biggest challenge for an engineer is, getting access to the right product documentation and able to quickly understand how to use it. Some companies put their heart and soul to do this right and makes their customers life super easy but on the other hand there are companies who just ignore this

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Teardown: Waveshare USB to RS485 RS232 TTL Converter

Recently, I was working on a Test Automation project where a few AC to DC Converter Boards need to be tested automatically using a fully automatic test zig. In order to connect various board used in the test automation solution I decided to use RS485/Modbus as communication interface. For the same I ordered Waveshare’s USB

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Atmosic BLE 5 SoC runs at 10 to 100 times less power

Atmosic Technologies, a California based company has very low power SoC having Bluetooth 5.0 which consumes 10 to 100 times lower power than anything else available in the market due to their innovative technology. Company claims they have Low Power Radio and on-demand wakeup technology which they have built into their devices which enables user

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Ultra Low Power MCU from E-peas Semiconductor

E-peas Semiconductor has launched an Ultra Low Power MCU, their first MCU product, EDMS105N. They are already a world leader in energy harvesting PMIC chips. EDMS105N has a lot of features which makes ultra low power embedded system design easy without adding much of external circuitry. They are claiming their MCU is the lowest power

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Onera Biomedical Lab-on-Chip

Onera Health announced on 3rd Jan 2022, it’s first Onera Biomedical Lab-on-Chip. The biomedical sensor system-on-chip measures and processes various bio-signals and is designed for a broad range of wearable health applications and devices. This lab-on-chip can enable innovation in the various medical, wellness and fitness applications. Technical Details Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip™ is a multi-channel sensor

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Amber Solutions: AC Direct DC Enabler

Amber Solutions, the young Silicon Valley company has announced that they have a developed a technology which eliminates the need of rectifier, transformer, filters when converting AC to DC using their 100% solid state architecture. By eliminating the conventional way of AC conversion using electromagnetics, Amber’s new AC direct DC power solid state controller has

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