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What is inside a PayTM Sound Box?

I am sure everyone of your have done payment through PayTM at a shop. Have you ever noticed there is a device at shop which tell the so and so amount is received when you make the payment? No need to show that you have made the payment and shopkeeper also need not verify if

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Teardown: Tinxy Smart Switch

Tinxy is an Indian company who is manufacturing home automation products. I recently purchased a two node Tinxy Smart Switch to see how it works and how it is designed. In the blog, I will share my opinion about the product as well as show you the internals of the Smart Switch electronics. There 3

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Teardown: SONOFF Smart Switch(Mini2)

Bought this Sonoff Mini2 Smart switch recently. It has one 16A node and external switch can be connected to manual ON/OFF Operation. The architecture is quite similar to what you will see in any other smart switch. AC to DC power supply which converts Main AC 230V to 5V DC and then 5V to 3.3V

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Teardown: Jenix Smart WiFi FAN Controller

In the past few months I did a lot of teardowns and now I am sharing all the details one by one in my blogs. Here is the teardown of Jenix WiFi Fan Controller. This one is different than other Smart Switches as it used TRIAC for Speed control and as it used TRIAC and

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Teardown: SONOFF Smart Switch (Basic)

Recently I purchased a few Smart switches available in the market to see how they are designed and which all ICs are used to make low cost and reliable (many are not). I have shared high resolution images with details about each section and my observations, hope you will enjoy it and learn something new

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Top 10 Teardown: USB-PD charger to Smart Bulb

Here is a list of teardown I have done in the past. I will keep adding more as I do more teardowns. Teardown helps you understand how a product was designed, which MCU was used, which Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules, what decision designers took for power supply section, displays, etc. and how it was over all constructed.

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