Cost reduced ESP32-C2 is available as ESP8684

Espressif has recently launched ESP32-C2 version which is very low cost 0.44 cent per unit for 1k MOQ and now available as ESP8684.

Cost reduced ESP32-C2 is available as ESP8684 1

ESP8684 Technical Spec:

  • RISC-V 32-bit single-core processor up to 120 MHz
  • Industry-leading low power and RF performance
  • Built-in 272 KB SRAM (16 KB is dedicated to cache), 576 KB ROM storage space
  • 14 programmable GPIO pins:
    • 12 bit SAR A/D converter
    • Temperature sensor
    • LED PWM controller
    • 3x SPI
    • 2x UART
    • 1x I2C master bus
    • 1x 54-bit general-purpose timer
    • 1x 52-bit system timer, and two watchdog timers.
  • QFN 4x4mm package
  • It comes in 3 variants 1MB/2MB/2MB Flash
  • Operating temperature is -40 to 105 Degree C
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

For more details please check the ESP32-C2 / ESP8684 device datasheet.

ESP8684 / ESP32-C2 Block Diagram

Cost reduced ESP32-C2 is available as ESP8684 2

ESP8684 Price information

It is understood that the 1k MOQ for ESP8684H1(1MB Flash version) is available for just 44 cents and the module will cost around 1.9$.

The Dev kit will cost 10.5$ which will have module and USB interface for flashing and power.

More details are available on the Espressif website.

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