Ra-08/Ra-08H LoRaWAN module by Ai-Thinker

Ra-08/Ra-08H is a LoRaWAN module base on the chip ASR6601, which is designed by Ai-Thinker.

The difference between Ra-08 and Ra-08H is that they are support different frequency: 410MHz-525MHz & 803MHz ~930MHz.

Ra-08/Ra-08H LoRaWAN module by Ai-Thinker 1

This module is suitable for all kinds of IoT applications, such as automated manufacturing monitoring, smart streetlights monitor and control, smart animal husbandry, smart parking, etc.

Ai-Thinker had done the test of long-distance transmission and the data indicates that the transmission distance of the module can reach 4.6 km.


Ra-08/Ra-08H LoRaWAN module by Ai-Thinker 2

Technical Specifications

  • Base on ASR6601 SoC, which support LP-WAN
  • With the size of 16.0*16.0*3.2(±0.2)mm and the SMD-18 package
  • High sensitivity: -138dBm @125Kz SF12
  • Support spread spectrum factor: SF5/SF6/SF7/SF8/SF9/SF10/SF11/SF12
  • Embedded memory, 128KB FLASH,16KB SRAM
  • Support LoRa/(G)FSK/BPSK/(G)MSK modulation

LoRa for Smoke Sensor

Here, let’s talk about the smart smoke sensor. At present, the smoke alarm application is popular and received high attention as the frequent occurrence of fires.

Ra-08/Ra-08H module can be well-used in smart smoke sensor due to it support long-distance communication, ultra-low power consumption, high sensitivity, etc.

With the development of intelligent firefighting, wireless intelligent smoke sensor has begun to replace traditional smoke sensor.

This enables remote monitoring of the fire.

Wireless intelligent smoke sensor has the advantage of easy installation , no need to do any wiring. With various and timely alarms, intelligent supervision is possible.

The LoRa smoke sensor can be directly connected to the network through the gateway, and the wired network can be used for data transmission or even a small monitoring host can be installed to build a network.

The average power consumption of using LoRa smoke detectors is relatively low, that is why, they can even be powered by battery.

Such a LoRa solution’s smart smoke sensor can be used in a wide range of places, which can greatly reduce the occurrence and loss due to fire disasters.

Support and Documentation

All the documentation about hardware and firmware development can be found here

From where to Buy the modules

If you are interested in BU01 indoor positioning modules, you can contact AI-thinker by email (overseas@aithinker.com)

Purchase a sample on Alibaba

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