USB C Power Delivery Upto 240W

USB type C interface allows 100W of power delivery which is very useful in many applications but still, there are applications where even more power is a need like Laptop charging, etc.

The USB Implementers Forum, the industry group that develops the technology around USB, released version 2.1 update to its USB Type-C specification about updated power levels.

The new 240 Watt option is called Extended Power Range (EPR) and we can expect in the devices as early as the later part of 2021.

USB C Power Delivery Upto 240W 1
Example: Sparkfun Electronics Board having USB Type C Connector

USB C is very common on phones now, also laptop has started providing USB C connectors, with 240W Power Delivery as per the new specification will benefit a lot more products where more than 100Watts are needed.

With 240W power delivery, developer need to be careful about cable quality with such high power.

More and more companies have started adopting USB C, I see much more evaluation boards in the electronics domain using USB Type C connectors for Power Delivery.

Days are not far when we will be getting Test instruments also with USB C type connector, good for space-saving and standardization. Will also benefit from an easy option for power backup once you have USB C Type connectors.

Products needing 100W or more power can benefit from small, readily available, USB C Power adaptors.

Have you already started using USB Type C Power delivery on your embedded products? Let me know in the comments below, would love to hear from you.

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