Work at Simpal Technologies

When I joined Simpal technologies back in 2007 it was a start-up providing embedded design services to various clients in India and abroad. I worked there as a technical lead.

My key responsibilities were:

  • Pre-sales technical discussions with prospects
  • Architect the solution
  • Manage development team & projects
  • Manage post-sales customer support – onsite or remotely
  • Support in marketing content creation, reviews
  • Some of the projects handed were:
    • GPS Sync Clock
    • RO Water Treatment Plant Automation Controller
    • GSM/GPRS based Railways Battery Monitoring System
    • GSM based Server Room Monitoring System (Saudi Arabia)
    • Water Treatment Plant Automation (3 DLF Plants, 1 ETP in Pali)
    • Fuel Level Measurement & Monitoring System
    • Nurse Call System (up to 30 beds)
    • Packaging Machine Controller
    • Tyre Inflator
    • Moving Message Display
    • IR Remote Switch
    • RFID Reader Kit
    • GSM Modem

GPS Sync Clock

GPS clock is used to get the accurate time from GPS satellite, display on seven segment display and can also be used to sync other devices an computers in the network. These are used in places like railways stations, airports, exhibition halls, broadcasting stations, Industries where time accuracy is critical, etc.

RO Water Treatment Plant Automation Controller

This controller is used to automate the RO plant. It controls various pumps, monitors pressure across filter to check if filter is in good state or not, controls UV lamp, monitors water PH and TDS continuously. There was a set procedure it follows to filter the water. RS232 interface was also provided to interface with PC or connect to cloud via GPRS modem.

GSM/GPRS based Railways Battery Monitoring System

Battery monitoring system was developed for Indian Railways. It’s function was to monitor the health of battery bank, display status on a local seven segment display, also send it to the remote central server via GPRS. Configuration facility was given via PC based software connected on RS232. Buzzer, SMS alert facility was also provided. User can configure 10 mobile numbers in order to receive the alert notification.

Fuel Level Monitoring System

It was a very unique fuel level monitoring system employing an electro-mechanical sensor system having very high resolution and accuracy. It was have a stepper monitor and some inputs to detect the level accurately. I did the complete hardware design, firmware development and basic VB software for sensor configuration & monitoring.

Server Room Monitoring System

Server room monitoring system was developed for a client in Saudi Arabia. It’s function was to monitor various parameters like UPS power availability, Flood/water presence, Temperature, Humidity inside a server room and provide status on PC via software connected over RS232 and send SMS to registered mobile numbers in case in case of alert.

Water Treatment Plant Automation (3x STP / 1x ETP)

Automation controller and solution was for given for fully automatic sewage water treatment plants and effluent treatments plants.

Automation controller runs the plant as per the desired procedure and monitors various parameters like filter health, water quality etc. It also provides facility to configure the automation via front panel using LCD display and Keypad.

Nurse Call System

It was a typical 30 bed nurse call system with handheld unit, bed unit and one central monitoring system having display to show from which bed call has come, also since how long the call is pending so that staff can take informed decision on priority. Each Handheld and bed unit were communicating with the central unit independently using separate wiring.

I was responsible for the hardware and firmware development for this project.

Packaging Machine Controller

It was a Photo-Sensor based sealing and cutting packaging machine controller. I did the hardware design and firmware development.

Tyre Inflator Controller

It allows easy configuration and inflating the vehicles tyre with desired pressure and cut off later. It will also be able to warn in case tyre is over-inflated and regulate the pressure to desired value.

Moving Message Display

It is a matrix led display used to show running message with various animations/effects, scrolling speed and internal storage memory. These are mainly used in factories, bus/train stations, airports, exhibition halls, banks, etc.

Moving Message Display with animations & storage for 64 message

RFID reader kit (125KHz)

IR Remote Switch

This is to control fan and lights using IR remote. It has two models 8 switches and 2 Fan outputs, 4 switches and 1 Fan. Hardware was based Renesas MCU and triac for AC control. Complete hardware and software was developed by me.

Work at Simpal Technologies 69

GSM Modem

It was a RS232 connectivity GSM/GPRS modem. I did the hardware design for this project. It was powered by 12V DC power supply and RS232 was with 4 wire interface. This was mainly used in any application where SMS / Internet facility was required.

Work at Simpal Technologies 70

Unfortunately, company stopped it’s operation in March 2011.

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