Work at NavSemi Technologies

Work at NavSemi Technologies 1

I worked in Navsemi technologies as Embedded Software Lead and was managing a team of 3 embedded developers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop firmware /algorithms from scratch for new products on Infineon MCUs
  • Individually responsible for solar grid monitoring system product line
  • Improve embedded firmware for all existing products – MPPT charge controllers, Inverters, GPRS remote monitoring system
  • Write test procedures for testing, develop test automation software in VB/.net along with external instruments & other hardware
  • Documentation for software – specs, flowcharts, test report formats, etc
  • Knowledge transfer to the production department and post-development maintenance
  • The help production team in testing & troubleshooting
  • Support in pre-sales customer queries
  • Support post-sales customer site troubleshooting
  • For multiple productions, assignments worked as the program manager to meet critical deadlines

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