Top 25 Online Electronic Components Shops

This is a searchable list of Online Electronic Components Shops in India.

You can easily find a shop near you.

I have personally used website like Amazon, Evelta, Robu, Crazy pi, etc. for buying evaluation board, kits, breakout boards and for components mostly I use Mouser, LCSC, Digikey, , Element14 (if I don’t find anywhere else)

Top 25 Online Electronic Components Shops 1

If you are aware of another good website which is not listed, please share in the comments below and I will add in the list.

List of Electronic Components Shops in India

Name City State
wdt_ID Name City State
1 Robu Pune Maharashtra
2 Evelta Mumbai Maharshtra
3 ElectronicsComp Bangalore Karnataka
4 ElectroniComponents Bangalore Karnataka
5 RoboCraze Bangalore Karnataka
6 DNA Tech India Nashik Maharashtra
7 Robokits Gandhinagar Gujarat
8 Module143 Bangalore Karnataka
9 CraziPi Bangalore Karnataka
10 Sunrom Ahmedabad Gujarat

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  1. Nice to see the list. When you are importing electronic components from Mouser, LCSC, Digikey, or Element14, how much Import duty and taxes are you paying? I am making orders from USA and I am ending up with very high import duty, taxes and also FedEx Advancement Fee of Rs 500 for every shipment even for a shipment value under Rs.400. The worst part is USA is splitting the single order into about a dozen shipments and FedEx India is just looting with an Advancement Fee of Rs 500 for every shipment in this process!

    Thank you very much,
    -Krish Rao

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