ST Micro released New low-cost Wirelesss MCU

ST Micro released New low-cost Wirelesss MCU 1

ST Micro has started getting into Wireless MCU back in 2018 and around a year back they launched MCUs with LoRa connectivity inbuilt.

Now, they have expanded the STM32WB portfolio of dual-core multi-protocol microcontrollers (MCUs) by introducing the STM32WB35 and STM32WB30 Value Line, giving engineers more options to work on cost constraint real world applications.

The STM32WB MCUs are dual-core wireless MCUs based on an Arm® Cortex®‐M4 core running at 64 MHz (application processor) and an Arm® Cortex®‐M0+ core at 32 MHz (network processor).

MCU Specification

So, what has come down to reduce the price of the MCU?

Well, they have reduced the Flash and RAM capacity (now 512KB Flash and 96KB RAM) and rest all the features are same. These MCUs are pin compatible to their earlier released parts in the family so this is really good news from the engineers, they don’t need to change their hardware if they want to utilize these new low cost MCUs in their low cost variants of the same product.

As per ST MIcro, they both support Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0Zigbee® 3.0OpenThread (IEEE 802.15.4) protocols and concurrent modes, with built-in security features. All stacks are fully certified, supported and handled by ST and available free of charge.

Other features are same just that WB30, WB35 Series feature difference will there, like external Quad-SPI memory interface and USB Interface.

Package, Price, Development Kit

new MCUs comes in UFQFPN 48 package and budgetary price is shown to be ~$1.7 for STM32W30CE and ~2.4$ STM32W35CC for MOQ 10K Units.

They have not released a new development so engineers can use same NUCLEO WB55 Kit for the development.

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