Low Cost STM32 Development Boards

ST Microelectronics has a lot of great product lines in their STM32 MCU series but so far the most popular ones I am aware of are STM32F103, STM32F4XX.

A few weeks back I saw a new set of low cost STM32 MCU boards emerged on AliExpress.

If you want to evaluate STM32F4 Series MCU, you must consider these development boards. They don’t come with on-board debugger but if coupled with low cost STLink, they could be very useful for learning or initial prototyping.

STM32F401 Board (~3$)

STM32F401 Development Board


  • STM32F411CEU6 (100Mhz) with 512KB FLASH & 128KB RAM
  • Onboard LDO for 5V to 3.3V DC conversion
  • 2x 20 Pin Single Line Header which gives access to all the IOs. The board comes with unsoldered header connectors.
  • Header for SWD Programming Interface
  • Switches for Reset, Boot Mode, User
  • LED for Power and another connected on GPIO(C13)
  • 25MHZ high speed crystal, 32.768Khz low speed crystal
  • BOOT0 and NRST, releasing NRST to access serial port download, DFU download, using ST multi-in-one STM32 Cube Programmer burning software.
  • Option to solder SPI Memory on the bottom side of the board.
  • USB-C type Connector
  • Curved PCB traces looks good 🙂

Read this article to learn how to get started with this board.

STM32F407 Development Board (~7$)

STM32F407 Development Board


  • STM32F407VET6 (168Mhz) with 512KB FLASH & 192+4KB SRAM
  • Micro USB interface support download (DFU download, not serial port)
  • OLED interface – plug and play support 0.96 inch OLED
  • TFT liquid crystal interface connector for 1.44 / 1.8inch full color LCD
  • 2MB SPI Flash Memory (W25Q16)
  • High speed crystal oscillator 8MHz, Low frequency crystal: 32.768K
  • Power + programmable LED lights
  • User and reset button
  • Onboard LDO for 5V to 3.3V DC Conversion
  • SD card connector
  • All CPU-IO available on dual line header connectors

You can buy these board from AliExpress: STM32F401 Board, STM32F407 Board

I also planning to have them on my monthly embedded boards giveaway in coming months.

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