OWON SPE6103 Programmable Power Supply

OWON has launched a new SMPS based power supply which can give upto 60V at 10A with power up to 300W continuous.

It has easy large color TFT, soft buttons, encoder switch on the front panel to configure it easily.

It can used as bench top power supply for your R&D, testing repair departments.


  • Ultra-thin body, portable and easy to use, SMPS Based
  • 60V, 10A Adjustable – 300W constant power design, wide application range
  • Over voltage/over current protection
  • Power-on automatic output setting function, suitable for unattended occasions
  • Intelligent temperature control fan cooling, reduce noise
  • 4 groups of Memory shortcut parameters for quick output
  • USB Device communication port, support SCPI
  • Constant voltage CV/constant current CC mode, effectively protect the circuit

Technical Spec

  • Rated Output: Voltage: 0-60V, Current: 0-10A
  • Power Output: 300W
  • Load Regulation: Voltage ≤30mV, Current ≤20mA
  • Power Regulation: Voltage ≤30mV, Current ≤20mA
  • Setting Resolution: Voltage 10mV, Current 1mA
  • Readback Resolution: Voltage 10mV, Current 1mA                                   

Features of Owon SPE6103 Power Supply

SCPI USB/Serial Commands

USB Interface is actually as USB to UART internal so when you connect it with PC, it will show up as COM port in the device manager. You need to use a serial terminal like Hercules Serial Terminal, select the right COM Port and 115200 Board rate and use the following command to interface

Each command should end with Life feed character (<LF>)

  • *IDN?
  • *RST
  • MEASure:VOLTage?
  • MEASure:CURRent?
  • MEASure:POWer?
  • OUTPut?
  • OUTPut {0|1|ON|OFF}
  • VOLTage <value>
  • VOLTage?
  • CURRent <value>
  • CURRent?
  • CURRent:LIMit <value>
  • VOLTage:LIMit <value>

Download Programming Manual Document

Interfacing Owon SPE6103 Power Supply with PC over USB

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