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STLinkV2 STM32 Programmer Clone

Recently, my existing STM32 Programmer got damaged so I order a few new ones and I did order this STLinkV2 also along with other STLinkV2 clones.

I thought that as the cover has the ST logo and the packaging also with ST logo, thought it to be original and manufactured by ST Microelectronics but I got surprised 🙂

See what I saw when I opened it to see how it was manufactured to evaluate the quality.

It uses Geehy MIcrocontroller which is a clone of STM32. The part number used is APM32F103. For a 3.3V power supply, Torex Semiconductor LDO is used 6206-3.3.

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I have seen these clones don’t work reliably, you can break them very easily.

How was your experience with STM32 Programmer?

Do you know some high-quality programmers for STM32? Isolated ones? Please let me know in the comments below.

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