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STM32 Development Board with 480MHz MCU 64MB RAM 8MB Flash

If you want to explore high performance STM32 MCU running at 480 MHz and finding it difficult to get a low cost development for the same? also looking for good amount of RAM and Flash on board? this post is for you.

San Diego-based musical maker collective Electrosmith is crowdfunding for Daisy, an embedded platform designed specifically for electronic music — based on the STMicroelectronics STM32 with 64MB of SDRAM and 8MB of flash memory.

The board is specifically design for developers building projects for Audio.


Programming Support

User can program the board using C/C++, Arduino platform, Max / MSP Gen~, Pure Data (export using Heavy).

Documentation, and examples are hosted on our Github repository for easy download. All firmware that we develop is released for free under a permissive open source license(MIT). Check out the DaisySP library is available here.

Cost of the board

Daisy Board is priced at 29.95$ and shipment is from ~5 – 15$.

I have already ordered one unit to explore the features. I don’t have plans for a audio project but the same board could be very useful for any data intensive product like some signal processing, algorithm development, etc.

Where to buy?

You can buy this board and other kits from their website.

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