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Welcome to my blog. I am a hobbyist turned embedded system design consultant, deeply in love with electronics for more than two decades. 

As a consultant I help hardware companies build reliable and successful embedded products.

Contact me for your custom embedded design needs.

The platforms I work on are STM32, nRF52/53 Wireless SoC, Apollo 3 MCU, ESP8266, ESP32, Embedded Linux System-on-Modules, etc.

On this blog, I share technical articles which are useful for engineers who are starting their journey in embedded as well as practical embedded design tips which are useful for experienced engineers.

I also regularly write about new embedded boards and ICs which are worth exploring.

Recently, I have started my YouTube channel where I review various test instruments (power supplies, dc load, etc.) and create teardown videos.

Latest Blog Posts:

MangoPi-Nezha MQ: Low-Cost RISC-V SBC (39$)

MangoPi-Nezha MQ is a tiny open-source RISC-V development board that integrates Wi-Fi connectivity and dual USB Type-C ports into just 40mm x 40mm board. This is developed by RT-Thread, the organization involved building low footprint RTOS

PlainDAQ: DAQ module for Raspberry Pi Pico

Alperen a Hardware Engineer from Kuncu Teknoloji, Turkey has built PlainDAQ, open source DAQ adapter board for Raspberry Pi PICO. It has a precision, low-noise, low-drift 12-bit 500k sps/s ADC (Microchip MCP33151). To reduce noise

UWB Module for Indoor Positioning

For outdoor positioning system, GPS is available for and works quite well but what about indoor positioning system? There are various challenges in doors where accurate position of an items, people is necessary for the


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