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STLINK-V3 compact in-circuit debugger and programmer for STM32

Last year during August time-frame ST Micro has launched their next generation STLINK-V3 and now STLINK-V3 Mini , a more compact in-circuit debugger and programmer for their STM8 & STM32 series MCUs. Its cost costs just 9.75$ and due to its compact size could easily become part of your project in order to give you more flexibility during prototyping.

It is a stand-alone, USB powered programmer and debugger with a very compact size, just 15mm x 30mm. It comes with 14 pin debug connector on the bottom side of the PCB.

It supports USB 2.0 high-speed interface and has direct firmware update(DFU). It provides Drag-and-drop Flash programming.


Some of the features STLINK-V3 Mini offers are:

Read more on the product page.

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