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PX-HER0 STM32 Development Board

Pieter from Piconomix, Cape Town, South Africa has recently launched it STM32 based PX-HER0 Development Board. It is an educational tool with an intention to help educators, students as well developers with lots of freely available resources.

Image Credit: Piconomix

Extensive Documentation

Lots of documentation to help learn as easily as possible:

CLI Explorer App

The board comes with CLI Explorer App (Command Line Interpreter) that creates a “Un*x Shell”-like environment running on the PX-HER0 board so that you can easily experiment with GPIO, PWM, ADC, DAC, I²C, SPI, and 1-Wire using only ANSI/VT100 terminal software.

So, when you get your board, you need not write any software to explore these functions. CLI is a great feature, it could be a great tool for debugging as well. I have seem a very few engineers using CLI in their MCU based designs, on the other hands it is in-built on embedded Linux based systems.

Everything is Open Source 🙂

The C library is MIT licensed and available on GitHub.

Arduino IDE Support

Native Arduino support is available with examples, one more big plus if you are already working with Arduino platform.

Features & Specifications

 STLINK-V3 MINI Debugger

To keep the cost low they decided to keep debugger outside the board and provides easy to connect STLink V3 Mini debugger.

Low Power Design

The development board designed keeping in mind the low power comsption and its suitability in battery powered projects or products.

They have carefully selected each components like Large Glass Display, step-down DC-DC power supply chip, SPI Flash, USB to UART FTDI Chip, Low RDS ON P-Channel Mosfet, etc.

Cost & How to Buy?

PX-Her0 STM32 Development Board is currently available on crowd-supply and you can buy one for 42$ and if you are interested in bundling it with STLINK V3 Mini, it will be for 56$.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and are as excited as I am to get my hands dirty with this development board to explore what is possible.

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Happy Learning to you!

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