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Conexio Stratus: a tiny nRF9160 based IoT Prototyping platform

Conexio Technologies, Inc has launched Conexio Stratus a power embedded hardware for easy and quick prototyping your new IoT idea.

It is centered around Nordic Semiconductor’s latest IoT SoC nRF9160 which has ARM Cortex M33 Low Power Core.

Small size of the board makes it suitable for its use in existing projects/products. It can be used in projects to add IoT connectivity.

With onboard temperature humidity sensor it can used for cold chain monitoring.

With LTE/NBIoT and GPS onboard it becomes especially used for implementing personal trackers, fleet management, asset tracking solutions.

With onboard accelerometer and support for ML makes the endless possibilities.

Conexio Stratus has support for platforms like Edge ImpulseMemfault, and Golioth, leveraging machine learning (ML) to provide seamless Over-the-Air (OTA) updates to your devices.

ML capabilities are extremely helpful in implementing predictive maintenance in scenarios where uninterrupted operation is particularly important, such as in smart factories.

For easy data visualization and dashboard creation, Conexio Stratus also connects to Datacake, a low-code IoT platform that requires no programming.


nRF9160 ARM Cortex M33 Microcontroller


Cellular & GPS Antenna connections

Micro USB

Onboard sensors

Energy harvester IC

High efficiency Power supply (TPS63031)

Debugger & Programmer

Interfaces / GPIO

Compact Size

Conexio Stratus Board Pinout

Conexio Stratus Shield

Shield helps extend the features for easy testing and evaluation

VS Code Plugin Software

Conexio Studio is a tool that allows you to create and debug Conexio Stratus + Zephyr RTOS projects in Visual Studio Code.

To make application and project development fast and fun—for low-level application designers and novice IoT developers alike—the Conexio team has developed an extension for Visual Studio Code.

Using Conexio Studio, one can build, compile, and deploy code to Conexio Stratus with minimal effort.

Create projects with nRF Connect SDK and Zephyr RTOS with built-in templates created by the Conexio team.

Open Source Hardware, Document and Support

Schematic and PCB Design files are not yet available but the company has mentioned that they will publish all the files on GitHub once the crowdsupply campaign is completed.

Some of the details and files are already available:Board schematics

They have also provided Conexio Discord channel for discussions.

How to buy and the cost?

Crowdsupply compaign is running and Early Bird! Conexio Stratus board is available for 139$ only(12$ worldwide shipping). Conexio Stratus Shield is available for 19$.

To use the board easily you might want to add Conexio Stratus Accessories, 1 x LTE Flex antenna 1 x active GPS antenna 1 x Micro USB cable 1 x 10 pin IDC SWD cable for external debugging and programming, this will cost you 39$.

I am very excited to try the board as soon as I am able to have one.

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