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Important Lists for Embedded Systems Engineers

There are various lists I have created in the past which are important for embedded systems engineers to know of.

I feel it might save a lot of your time, which I have already spent doing research online and finding the details.

Electronic Components

  1. List of System on Module Manufacturers
  2. List of e-paper displays (suppliers / manufacturers)
  3. Bluetooth Module Manufacturers
  4. WiFi Module Manufacturers
  5. List of Energy harvesting: PMIC, Indoor Solar Cells Manufacturers
  6. List of Smart TFT Displays
  7. List of Plastic Enclosure Manufacturers

Embedded Systems Design

  1. List of FPGA Development Boards
  2. List of MCU Simulation Softwares
  3. List of Circuit Simulation Softwares
  4. List of Graphics Library for Microcontrollers
  5. List of GUI Frameworks for Embedded Linux
  6. List of 3D Printing Service Providing companies in India
  7. List of Online Electronics Components Shops
  8. List of Electronic Components Manufacturers in India
  9. List of Top 8 Power Profilers useful when developing battery-powered embedded products
  10. List of Testing Labs in India (EMI EMC, Environment, Vibration, Shock, etc.)

PCB Design

  1. PCB Design Softwares available in the market (Paid / Free / Cloud)
  2. Gerber viewer softwares
  3. Different sources of component library (schematic/PCB)
  4. Where to look for PCB components – 3D model?
  5. PCB Manufacturers in India
  6. PCB Manufacturers in USA

Raspberry Pi

  1. 10 Raspberry Pi (SBC) based Products
  2. Raspberry Pi SBC Alternatives (Clones)
  3. Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Carrier Boards
  4. 6 Raspberry Pi Compute Module Development Boards (for CM3/3+)
  5. 10 Popular Commercial Products using Raspberry Pi Compute Module (for CM3/3+)
  6. Commercial products based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Popular AI Hardware Platforms (AiGlobalLab used my article)
  2. Automated PCB Design using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  3. AI Chip Manufacturers

I hope you found these lists useful. If yes, please do share with your friends.

If you have any feedback, you can share it in the comments section or you can also contact me directly.

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