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Ultra Low Power Embedded Systems Design

This page lists all the articles I have ever written on Low Power Embedded Systems Design. These will help you optimize your device power consumption.

I do consultancy on Low power where I review customer hardware and firmware to suggest what all improvements could be done to improve the battery back up time.

But, these articles serves as self-help. I really hope more and more engineers will take advantage of the effort I have put in. If you are building battery powered embedded devices, you much go through.

  1. 10 Most Important Tips for Low Power Embedded System Design
  2. Power Consumption of Displays
  3. List of e-paper displays (suppliers / manufacturers)
  4. IQ of power supply in low power embedded systems
  5. Top 8 Power Profilers useful when developing battery-powered embedded products
  6. Getting started with Ambiq Micro Apollo 3 MCU
  7. Energy harvesting: PMIC, Indoor Solar Cells
  8. Top 7 Challenges in Designing a Wearable Device
  9. Videos on low Power Embedded Systems Design

if you are building a battery-powered embedded device, I want to help you with the experience and knowledge I have gained after working on various low-power projects.

It will happen like this:
I will review your hardware and firmware design and tell you strategies on how you can significantly reduce your power consumption and increase battery backup time. I will also tell how much power we can reduce vs. present consumption.

Two-level of suggestions will be there:
– one which will need the least effort to reduce power consumption
– the other suggestions will need some design changes to achieve the best possible power consumption improvement.

this whole exercise will take 3-5days of effort only (assuming your engineer/team is able to explain things clearly and answer all the questions quickly)

I hope you found this information useful.

If you have any feedback, you can share in the comments section or you can also contact me directly.

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