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Teardown Xiaomi MI Bluetooth Speaker(16W)

This is the teardown blog of MI Bluetooth Speaker 16W. In my previous blog I have shown you the internals of a Boat Stone 620 Bluetooth Speaker, at the same time I also bought this Xiaomi MI Bluetooth Speaker(16W) to see what is the difference in the design, construction, etc.

So, here is the teardown for you, hope you will enjoy reading.

First thing I noticed was it was far easy to open the enclosure compared to Boat Bluetooth Speaker.

You get MI Bluetooth Speaker in a very nicely packed box which has the speaker, USB Cable for charging and the user manual.

On the front, buttons are there to power ON/OFF, increase or decrease the volume, play next song, for Bluetooth connection, etc.

On the side, you will find the Audio Aux output for external speaker connection and USB C connector for battery charging

In order to open the enclosure, you need to see on the back side of the enclosure, 2 rubber pads are there, once you remove them, you will find the screw to open it further.

remove the front button cover to see the buttons and LEDs behind them on the PCB.

Now, you can open the flexible enclosure body easily

You need to further remove the side cover to get further inside.

Four screws are the there for each speaker to remove the speaker, 2 pin speaker cable going to the PCB, you will need to remove this as well, be careful while pulling this off.

Once you remove the speaker you can clearly see, two 4ohms, 8W speakers are used.

after removing the speakers, you can slide out the PCB easily. You can clearly see nothing much is there on the frond side but LED and buttons.

From the Circuit point of view there are a few sections,

USB C section which is for Battery charging, USB C 5V via battery charger IC charges the Single cell Lithium battery.

Main MCU is a Highly Integrated 32 bit Bluetooth Audio SoC ATS2819

Audio Amplifier IC is used for Stereo Speakers.

An opamp is used as Mic amplifer.

Battery is secured inside as you see in the image below. Once you unscrew the screw, you will be able to slide out the battery.

Lithium Battery used is BIS approved. Its a 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Cell Battery, 3.7V, 2600mAH (9.62Wh)

Here you see a snap shot of what all you have in the MI Bluetooth Speaker.

I wasn’t able to identify all the ICs part number as I could not find any trace online after searching using the IC marking. May when I get time, I will spend more time to figure out but you can assume these are all Chinese parts, most of them would be you might have never heard of 🙂

I hope you found this teardown useful and learned something new!

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