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Teardown: IMOU Security Camera

Security Cameras are quite common these days in Apartments, office complexes, malls, airports, bus stops etc.

IMOU Security Camera is a 2MP camera which can do Pan and tilt and it has Wi-Fi and Ethernet. You need to power it externally using a 5V wall charger having Micro USB interface. It has inbuilt MIC and LED to indicate that it powered.

This costed me 2300 INR from Amazon. It was interesting to see what goes inside.

I can image manufacturing cost must be around 400-600 INR in bulk including everything like packaging, etc, so they must be using dedicated processors which are used in very high volumes already in the market.

Let me show you step by step. You can easily remove the top white cover.

LAN connector for Internet and Micro USB for powering the security camera.

and if you tun it fully upside, you will be able to see SD card Slot and a reset button for satiation if it hangs.

this USB power supply comes along with the camera. It is a 5V 1A with a USBA to Micro USB Cables.

once you open the top black cover further, you will get to see the Camera, SD card connector on the PCB.

You can also see MIC connector, cable goes to the MIC with is mounted on the top enclosure. Same is the case with the LED which is connected with 2 wire cable.

here is a close up of the PCB.

J7 is probably for the camera lens. U3 is NOR Flash memory for all the settings and configurations.

Bunch of power supply circuits are also there U8, U9, U14, etc.

Other side of the PCB you see a irregular shaped amumium part which is also acting as a heatsink is attached.

After removing the heatsink, this is what you see.

U11 is the ULN2003, driver for stepper motor. each motor is 5V dc 1/32, 5 wire motor (HZF-24BYJ48).

J6 is the connector to the motor on the top used for tilt and J3 has all the connection for Speaker, Ethernet and 2nd Motor which is responsible for rotation.

You also see a Wi-Fi module with a metal antenna soldered on the order side. Its a USB interface WiFi module, supporting only 2.4GHz @150Mbps.

Main processor used is Fullhan IP Camera SoC FH8626V100

let us now see what is there in the bottom compartment.

You will see another stepper motor, Ethernet connector and coupling transformer on the PCB, MIcro USB connector, speaker. J1 carries all the connections from Top PCB to the Bottom

I was wondering if there was a way to reduce number of PCBs or atleast the connection going from one PCB to another.

Some other images are here:

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I hope you found this teardown useful and learned something new today!

If you have any questions please ask in the comments section below, I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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