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AmiciSmart Energy Meter with Wi-Fi

AmiciSmart Energy meter is a DIN rail mountable single phase energy meter with Wi-Fi connectivity and pulse output. It has relay inbuilt to control the supply.

In this blog I will share the inside of the this energy meter, what all they have used in the design.

As till now I have seen so many commercial products that I had some idea that it will have mostly Chinese components and no mattery how strongly they say MADE IN INDIA, it is designed and manufactured in China just packed and sold in India.

Still it was very interesting to see how everything is packaged nicely and which MCU, Wi-Fi module, Energy meter chip they have used.

On the outside you can see terminal for Main input and output connection. As mentioned it is DIN rail mountable, you can easily attached it to your electrical panel.

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Once you open the cover by unscrewing. the very first thing you see is a PCB with a switch, three LEDs and a Glass display.

on the back side there is microcontroller (actually single phase energy meter SoC SH79F169BU from Sino Wealth Electronics) which done all the energy meter related task and a WIFI module again Tuya module :), that is WB3S.

EEPROM HE24C08 Memory is used for saving configuration and calibration data.

This display PCB or let us call it the main PCB is then connected to another PCB where all the power related things are done like AC to DC conversion using PN8016 which is offline non-isolated PWM converter.

Then, 9V to 3.3V conversion using another DC DC(SMD marking 7A6A), and other current and voltage sensing signals to the board, Pulse output Optocoupler based circuity.

Relay controller MD7620A is also used.

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The relay used is GRT508FA 250V AC, 80A. You can clearly see how with the help of copper strip current sensing and sending wires are tapped.

I hope you found this teardown useful and learned something new today!

If you have any questions please ask in the comments section below, I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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