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Teardown: Halonix Smart LED Bulb

As mentioned in my previous Wipro Smart LED bulb teardown post that I will share about my teardown for Halonix Smart LED bulb, so here it is.

It was very interesting to compare electronics design implementation of both bulbs.

Halonix Bulb was much heavier as it used thermal compound for potting, although it was easy to remove. It helps not only in thermal management but also from vibration.

Halonix Smart Bulb’s Power supply and LED driver section was much simpler and uses less no of chips compared to Wipro’s Smart LED Bulb.

Both uses similar Wi-Fi modules but has a different Wi-Fi Soc

Here are some images:

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Various ICs used in the bulb:

MB10S: Bridge Rectifier

BP2516F: Non-Isolated CCCV Driver IC

BP8516: Not able to find the datasheet but may be equivalent.

TYWE3L: Wi-Fi Module using ESP8266

Mosfets Q1-Q5 are probably for dimming control for White Warm/Cool LEDs, color control for RGB

It is always great to see how different companies are designing products, their choice of microcontrollers, ICs and the over all construction.

You learn a lot by looking at someone else design, you get to know their perspective.

Hope you have enjoyed the teardown pictures and learned something new.

If you have any further question you ask in the comments section, I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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